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10 funny and very useful kitchen appliances that will be useful to every hostess


Modern kitchen is not only high-tech gadgets and smart devices. The most important thing is that the hostess (and the whole family) in the kitchen should be comfortable and comfortable. We have collected in this review a few kitchen things that look very funny and will be useful in every kitchen. Good mood hostess, and therefore goodies for the whole family are guaranteed!

1. A scoop for coffee

Kitchenware: a scoop for coffee.

A coffee scoop is one of those little things that don't seem to be needed, but when you buy them, then you have no idea how you could do without them. To be completely honest, such a thing is actually damn useful if a person often drinks coffee.

2. Mold for ice in the form of diamonds

Kitchen utensils: ice mold.

This mold costing less than $ 10 may fall into the category "more for a fan than necessary". Ice is often needed at home — for water, cocktails, whiskey, etc. Isn't it nice when real ice diamonds are splashing instead of ordinary ice in a glass.

3. Silicone double boiler

Kitchen utensils: silicone double boiler.

Nature clearly did not imply the ability to cook vegetables in the microwave or to boil them, as they turn into lifeless mush. However, it is worth trying to boil them in such a pretty silicone double boiler for $ 10 to understand - and boiled vegetables can look like fresh ones.

4. Sweet Ghosts of the Day of the Dead cookie cutters

Kitchen utensils: cookie cutters.

Almost every person has a basic set of steel baking tins - star, wood, candy, etc. And why not be original and buy for $ 10 a set of four molds in the form of skulls.

5. Shape for toasting "Charming animals"

Kitchen utensils: a mold for toasting.

For $ 10, you can purchase a toast mold in the form of a panda, which holds strawberries in its paws. It is ideal for children who are capricious and refuse to eat. The same company also makes teddy bear shapes and frog faces.

6. Tea Pot

Kitchen utensils: teapot.

Those who prefer tea rather than coffee need to look at this charming little sloth. Particularly appropriate, this lazy teapot will be in the company - guaranteed not only hot delicious tea, but also a sea of ​​laughter. Made of "sloth" from food-grade silicone and can be washed in the dishwasher. There is also a similar tea pot about $ 7.

7. Non-stick silicone baking mats

Kitchen utensils: silicone mats.

Non-stick baking mats will change the life of any person who likes to cook something sweet. In fact, there are no words to describe the joy that arises from the understanding that cookies will never stick to the pan, and the cake will not be torn apart when trying to tear it from the pan. A set of two such rugs costs less than $ 15.

8. Scoops "Loch Ness Monsters"

Kitchenware: scoop.

For $ 20, you can purchase a set of colander and a scoop in the form of a Loch Ness monster with a calf. They not only have a funny appearance, but also practical ones - the “monsters” have “legs”, thanks to which they can be placed vertically on the table.

9. Peeler

Kitchen utensils: peeler.

Only $ 7 ... and this money should not be regretted. After all, scratched and grated palms will be forgotten forever.

10. Set of kitchen towels

Kitchen utensils: towels.

Kitchen towels, ideally, should be washed daily. Therefore, you need one for each day of the week (those who do not cook daily, they need less). That is why towels are often sold in packs of five. Kitchen towels are needed not only for drying hands or dishes. They can be used as an improvised stand for something, mittens for hot dishes, etc. Moreover, unlike paper towels, they are reusable and much prettier.