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Kitchen corner with storage boxes: 70+ reliable and practical models that comfort the interior of the kitchen

A kitchen corner with storage drawers is an ideal solution for organizing space and high style kitchen savings. There are many options on the furniture market, the main condition is to choose the best one.

The kitchen is a room in which many things are stored, so a kitchen corner with storage boxes is an original solution designed to change the look and restore the style. Sometimes there is no place for rational placement, especially for small kitchens.

Classic kitchen sofa from chipboard in cream color

Small daybed in the kitchen with drawers.

Corner of natural material with soft upholstery

A large kitchen corner in the spacious kitchen can serve as a place for guests.

Cozy bay area with side and vertical lockers

This problem can be solved by choosing good furniture, because kitchen corners with drawers are the best arrangement for any small kitchen. Large-width, deep products harmoniously camouflage under the soft seats of any type, allowing you to put in them any household utensils.

Quite roomy side drawer in a small corner

More about corners

We offer products in a wide range and different mechanisms for the nomination of drawer elements. Some of them are equipped with additional sections. Mobility of structures ensures their unhindered everyday use. A kitchen corner is a place of rest and gathering for all family members, however it can fulfill not only an aesthetic role, but also be more functional - to create additional comfort and to be a kind of storage for things.

Separate seats in the kitchen corner with side and vertical drawers

Traditionally, for the manufacture of such products used materials and accessories of high quality. Upholstery can be used very different, and everyone can choose the products at their discretion - tapestry, velor, eco-leather or natural materials. The color palette often surprises consumers with a riot of colorful designs and ornaments, so it will not be difficult for you to choose the most suitable option for yourself, designed to make your kitchen truly exceptional.

Convenient and practical drawers of various sizes

So that you and your family members can get even more comfort, the seats with backs are made even softer, and the design of each product is truly exquisite. Products can be decorated by means of chrome elements, original pedestals. All corners for the beauty of the interior are made in a modern and trendy look, so they will easily fit into the general theme and create a lot of comfort in your room.

Soft velor corner in the dining area of ​​the kitchen

Assortment list

As for the diversity in which corners are offered, it is huge. You will be able to take responsibility for the selection of the ideal option, and this will not be so difficult. Now enjoy a delicious dinner in the circle of loved ones - a pleasure. Kitchen corners with drawers - it is stylish, practical, modern. In addition to the stove, washing and other devices, these pieces of furniture play a major role in the rational design of the space and allow you to achieve good results in design. Of particular importance is such an element for kitchens of small dimensions, since it can combine several pieces of furniture at once - a sleeping place, a locker.

Sleeper in the kitchen is compatible with the box for different things.

A wide soft corner where you can relax after a hard day’s work

What is taken into account when choosing a product

So, if you finally made the decision to purchase this corner for your home, you need to make a choice of it, while taking certain points into account.

  • Dimensional indicators of the kitchen room, as well as the rationality of its location to accommodate the subject. If the room is quite small, then put a corner will be very problematic. If there is also an inconvenient layout, then it is unlikely to be suitable in size. Therefore it is necessary to choose the size that is right for you. It would be nice to order an individual corner, which will fit 100% into the available space.

Kitchen corner for a large family with many vertical drawers

  • Personal preferences are an important factor. After all, the mistress spends much of her time in the kitchen, so you need to pay attention to practicality, convenience, functionality and, of course, aesthetics of appearance.

Gentle pastel shades will help to relax and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of home heat

  • Another parameter that requires special attention when choosing the dimensional characteristics of a corner is the size of your family. If it is small, it suffices to choose small designs. For a family of 4 or more people fit massive products. Again - consider the size and type of kitchen.

Ideal kitchenette for a family of 4-5 people

The photo shows the best options for products, among which you can choose the appropriate design and determine the appropriate solutions. The main thing is to make the right choice based on your own preferences.

A small couch for two will complement the chairs made of natural wood

Assembly and features of the corner

If you decide that the purchase of this element of furniture for your family is a necessity, it is important to make acquaintance with the main advantages in order to make a competent choice and not to regret anything soon.

Wooden corner in small kitchen

There are special advantages of giving preference to just such an option:

  • Creating a lunch zone, even in difficult places;
  • Organization of a free area in a studio apartment;
  • The ability to store the smallest accessories;
  • Availability of free berth in some models;
  • The choice of furniture with shelves, bar;
  • Change in appearance.

A couch in the kitchen by the window with drawers

Kitchen corner in the interior - it is always important for those who want to have housing, decorated in accordance with the modern parameters of equipment and technology.

Summer holiday interior in the kitchen-studio with a small built-in area

Kitchen corner with storage boxes: product classification

We have already talked about what factors you should pay attention to when choosing a corner, traditionally the owners are guided by personal needs and their own desires. The areas in which this furniture is performed are divided into two main groups:

  • In a form: letter "G", direct form. The first option is preferable, because the process of eating will be more convenient if the hosts and guests can be successfully placed around the table. The direct kitchen corner for kitchen will be ideally suited for the rooms having small dimensional parameters. Traditionally, it is represented by a wide sofa or bench.

Eclectic leather upholstery

  • By configuration: a separate, fused corner. The first type of furniture is ideal for placing a small size, when you need to quickly disassemble it and rearrange, if anything, in other areas. Fusion corners are relevant if you do not plan to move it in the future. Models usually contain drawers that turn into an extra bed.

Separate kitchen corner in Chebbi-chic style

  • Storage system: with space, built-in compartments. There are models sold on the market without a storage system, they are less popular and traditionally suitable for minimalists. In addition, their free configuration allows you to create products with legs and backs of any shape and original design. Corners with storage compartments are the most common items. The main disadvantage is the need to purchase additional boxes. There are also models with built-in shelves, they are great for any space in the kitchen.

Built-in cabinets in the "G" -shaped corner in the dining area of ​​the kitchen

  • According to the material of manufacture. Traditionally, products are made of chipboard with different colors. This is convenient for the reason that the area can be left in its original form. In addition, it is possible to repel it with the help of any fabric, it all depends on the wishes of the customer.

Kitchen set, made of indigo chipboard

Requirements for materials

  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Strength;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Impermeable odor, air, moisture;
  • The possibility of easy cleaning;
  • Practicality.

Practical removable covers on the corner cushion

In the process of choosing the material for upholstery, you must make sure that it does not contain toxic substances.

In addition, you can purchase a kitchen corner without drawers, which will make your room special, create a cozy and unforgettable atmosphere in it. Often, wooden elements can be upholstered in leather and other materials.

Leather upholstery of the corner and back in soft blue tones

Sleeping corners

Corners, in which there is a built-in bed - this is the actual solution if your kitchen is large. They are designed to transform into an additional place to sleep, it will appeal to hospitable hosts, who often have to stay overnight. Manufacturers of products offered a large number of configurations - drawers for storing a mattress, a folding bed, an extension and ottomans. The kitchen corner with a berth is an original and convenient decision. Modern furniture market offers products with one bed and two beds, the choice is yours, the main thing is that the product fits optimally into the space and creates maximum comfort in it.

Comfortable sleeping kitchen corner that unfolds when needed

Forged corners

To give the room an original design and bring a touch of sophistication to it, often forged elements are used. The legs of such furniture are cast bends, on the backs there are twisted elements, thanks to which the whole structure looks airy and elegant. The seats are traditionally made of iron or other materials, the choice is huge, so the buyer is not difficult to choose the best option.

When choosing the matter from which the corner is made, it should be borne in mind that it is still in the kitchen, respectively - it will quickly become contaminated and absorb various compositions. Therefore, if possible, preference is given to easily cleanable materials. Try not to give preference to exquisite white fabric upholstery, this may adversely affect the hostess's nerves - you will have to wash it too often. As fillers can be used and cheap materials, for example, foam rubber. There are more expensive items. Accordingly, this factor will have a significant impact on the final cost.

Beautiful wrought-iron furniture will add sophistication to your kitchen.

When choosing, it is worth paying attention not only to the cost indicators of the product, but also its purpose, main characteristics. Many manufacturers understand the fact that most people live in small-sized apartments, so they suggest choosing a small kitchen corner in a design that would be convenient and relevant for you.

Folding elements

Folding corners are original solutions. The dimensions of the product in its initial form are minimal, which will save space in the kitchen. But if the need arises, it will be possible to expand the corner and arrange the space in such a way that you feel comfortable.

Folding white soft corner in the Scandinavian style


Of course, before you buy a product of your dreams, you need to take a number of measurements in the areas of the room in which you plan to install headsets. So that all family members and guests can feel comfortable sitting at your dinner table, you need to take care not only about its proper placement, but also about the location of other pieces of furniture - tables, chairs and stools. You need to decide in advance which corner your corner will be in.

Cozy and bright Provence style kitchen

Tip! To have a convenient arrangement at a table for a dinner, about 60 cm of free space are required.

A small kitchenette in the dining area of ​​the kitchen by the window.

Therefore, the minimum that is needed for the rational organization of the seat is 80 cm in width, based on height, but not less than 170 cm in length. In the store it is worth adhering to exactly these sizes, in the same way as when choosing an individual order.

To buy an inexpensive kitchen corner today will not be difficult, since the furniture market offers a wide variety of products at affordable price categories. Considering all the rules and subtleties of choice, you will make it right and be able to purchase a product that will please you for a long time. Create the life of your dreams and get a lot of pleasure from it! Let your kitchen be the most comfortable!