Useful ideas

Clothes tricks that will save you a lot of money!


It happens that you have to throw away your favorite jeans because they have become small, or shoes that instead of former comfort leave only blisters. But it is very often possible to find a way to return things to their former look and practicality.

Here you have 18 life hacking, which will help to return to their clothes almost original appearance in a matter of minutes.

Use a wax crayon to fix a stuck lock on a jacket.

A mixture of lemon juice and water will help get rid of sweat stains on clothes and avoid discoloration.

Reduce drying time by wrapping wet clothes in a towel and carefully pinching them down.

Now you no longer lose socks or other small things - wash them in your laundry bag

If you decide to do sports, and the weather is not at all happy with the warmth, this is what you need.

When you need to put a string in your sweatshirt, use a straw. It goes like clockwork

Or take a pin to put the string back in place.

A razor is suitable for removing loose threads on an old sweatshirt.

If you have a salad dryer, use it to dry small items — it will save a lot of time.

Vinegar will help to keep the color of dark things saturated. Add half a cup of vinegar in the last wash.

Take some lavender essential oil instead of a rinse - it will give a pleasant smell to things for a long time.

12-15 drops diluted in liquid detergent before adding to the washing machine. If you do not like lavender oil, take another.

If you accidentally sat on the chewing gum, do not worry. It is easy to remove the sticky substance, if you freeze, and then scrape off, for example with a butter knife.

Baby powder perfectly removes oil stains from clothes

To get rid of ink stains on your shirt, simply apply hand sanitizer to the stain and wait 10 minutes.

Traces of grass are easy to remove by combining liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix 1 tbsp. l liquid soap and 2 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide. Apply to grass marks and wait 10 minutes, then rinse.

Bicycle repair kit to help fix shoes

Tea bags relieve shoes from unpleasant smell. Just put them in for a while.

A shaving cream removes traces of makeup from clothes

Well, if you have jeans that are small to you, here is a simple life hack how to wear them