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17 bright ideas that will help transform a home without spending a lot of money in a matter of days

17 bright ideas that will help transform a home without spending a lot of money in a matter of days

In fact, to transform a house from and to is not so difficult. This can not even be very expensive.

It is enough to know a few useful tips on this. In today's review, the author will talk about some of them.

1. Bright chair

Transformation of the fabric chair.

It is great to refresh the interior, and at the same time update the old tired chairs with special paint for textiles. Just paint the fabric upholstery, selected pieces of furniture, in a bright color, for example, in lemon, blue or coral and let the paint dry well. Also, do not forget about the legs, they can be painted white with ordinary paint.

2. Stylish ottoman

Ottoman from the trash.

None of your friends will ever guess that this stylish ottoman was once an ordinary garbage bin. But the right filler, glue and original textile cover will turn the trash into a designer piece of furniture that fits perfectly into any space.

3. Glass vase

Transparent vase upgrade.

Simple transparent glass or plastic vases are quite practical and popular because of their more than affordable prices. If you have such a vase and an hour of free time you can do it pumping. With the help of a wide scotch tape and a can of golden paint, draw on the vase several wide strips that will instantly make its appearance interesting and stylish.

4. Graphic pattern

Wall decor using colored tape.

Plain graphic patterns of colored scotch will help to refresh and decorate a faceless monochromatic wall or mask the errors of finishing.

5. Painting curtains

Gradient coloring of curtains.

Gradient staining will help turn faceless monophonic fabric into stylish modern curtains. To do this, ready-made light curtains need to be carefully painted in a bucket with special paint, adjusting the residence time of the fabric and the depth of its immersion.

6. Candlestick

Awesome candlestick.

Any small container can be turned into an amazing candlestick, similar to a charming flower. For this, the heads of plastic spoons, pre-painted in golden or any other color, should be attached to the selected container with glue.

7. Flower arrangement

Composition of dry twigs and flowers.

A small dry branch, painted in any color, with vases attached to it, made of broken light bulbs, and small bouquets of flowers will be a spectacular decoration of the coffee table or pedestal.

8. Original floor mats

Fruit Rugs.

Kraft paper and several cans of spray paint will allow you to turn an ordinary round rug into bright rugs in the form of fruit slices that will delight the eyes of everyone who enters your home.

9. Floor lamp

Fashionable floor lamp.

A standard floor lamp with a white fabric shade can be turned into a trendy thing with a simple gradient paint and a fun mustache cut from thick black cardboard. Such a product will perfectly fit into a modern interior or become an original gift for a close friend.

10. Decorative headboard

Paper headboard.

Does your bed have a high headboard? Make it yourself from white thick paper, decorated with simple drawings, exactly the same color as the wall. If you do not have outstanding artistic skills, use stencils.

11. Knitted covers

Covers for flower pots.

Ordinary flower pots can be decorated by putting charming covers on them, tied with your own hands from the existing yarn residues.

12. Butterflies under the dome

Butterflies under a glass dome.

A glass cloche on a stand is a real find for creative people, as inside it you can create a lot of amazing compositions. For example, place under it a set of paper butterflies attached to thin wires so that it seems as if they are flying.

13. Home Gallery

Pictures on the hoop.

You can decorate the wall with the help of lovely heart-shaped family pictures attached to the hoop, which will be an original alternative to the usual photo frames.

14. Coffee table

Table of water pipes.

From water pipes, painted in a trendy copper color, and a round table top, you can make a great coffee table, which will become a real highlight of the living room.

15. Flowers

Flowers from feathers.

With real or artificial feathers, you can make a spectacular decoration for the walls. Just paint them in the desired color and glue it in the shape of a flower.

16. Dresser decor

Upgrade chest.

To transform the orderly annoying chest of drawers will help neat painting his cabinets in different shades of the same spectrum.

17. Herbarium

Herbarium in frame.

From dried flowers, petals and leaves attached to the glass of a simple photo frame you get a unique composition that will be a great decoration for a wall or a shelf.