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17 stylish ideas to help correctly use every square meter


The space in the house needs to be used correctly. To do this is actually not as easy as it may seem. That is why today the reader is presented with a new review, the author of which in the collected photographs reveals some subtleties and vicissitudes of the process.

1. The space above the toilet

Wall behind the toilet.

Bathrooms of standard apartments rarely have a large area. Therefore, the owners of such spaces should competently approach the arrangement of such a space. For example, to equip the wall behind the toilet shelf, where you can store hygiene products, and on the tank put a stylish wicker basket, where toilet paper, air freshener and several magazines.

2. Library in the hallway

Library along the hallway wall.

The empty wall of the hallway can be equipped with shelves and turned into a real library. Such an idea will be invaluable for the owners of an impressive collection of books and the problem of their placement.

3. Folding table

Folding table-shelf.

The original design, which combines a folding table and storage system, will be a wonderful solution for arranging a corner for children's creativity.

4. Coffee station

Coffee station in the corner.

Store tea and coffee facilities in one place separate from the kitchen work surfaces. To do this, equip a coffee station, consisting of a small pedestal, shelves and railing in any free corner.

5. Door leaf

Hinged shelves on the door.

The door leaf of the pantry can be equipped with light hinged shelves for storing household chemicals, hygienic and cosmetic products, as well as food supplies. This trick will allow to restore order and significantly increase the capacity of the pantry.

6. Shelves around the doorway

Narrow wardrobe in the bedroom.

Not always the bedroom space allows you to install a closet of the desired size. The way out of this situation will be high narrow cabinets, made to order, and installed on both sides of the bed.

8. Retractable vertical shelving

Narrow retractable shelving.

Narrow retractable shelving.

To increase the spaciousness of the closet or to acquire additional storage space for bed linen will help a narrow pull-out shelving that can be placed between the wardrobe and the wall.

9. Homemade shelving

Rack-stairs in the bathroom.

An ordinary staircase can be turned into a stylish and ergonomic shelving, on which you can place several light lattice shelves for cosmetic accessories and hang bath towels.

10. The space above the bathroom

Shelves above the bathroom.

A few narrow shelves above the bathroom allow you to place a lot of necessary things and significantly optimize a small space. In addition, such a storage system will make the bathroom charming and cozy.

11. Organizer for cereals

organizer for cereals in the drawer.

One of the drawers in the kitchen can be turned into a convenient organizer for storing pasta and cereals. For this, a deep box needs to be equipped with special cells for containers into which bulk products should be poured. Such an idea of ​​storage will allow you to forget about the disorder forever, get rid of rustling packages and prevent the appearance of insects in containers with cereals.

12. Additional shelf

Shelf between work surface and cabinets.

Most people have a bare wall between work surfaces and wall cabinets that do not perform any functions other than decorative ones, while the surfaces are occupied by jars of spices, cups and other little things that create confusion and steal valuable space. Correct the situation, and restore order will allow a compact shelf, located under the wall cabinets.

13. Shoe rack

Original use of clothes hangers.

A regular clothes hanger can also be used to store shoes, just hanging it on the wall just above the floor. This idea will allow to clean up the hallway and organize convenient storage of everyday shoes.

14. Organizer for correspondence

Homemade organizer for notes and correspondence.

An old lattice shutter, painted in bright color and bolted to the wall, can be used as a stylish organizer for storing utility bills and notes, as well as hanging keys, glasses and other trifles on it.

15. Toilet roll holder

Functional toilet paper holder.

The compact shelf, around the toilet paper holder, will allow to place various trifles and significantly increase the capacity of a modest bathroom.

16. Compact shelf-table

Compact and functional workplace.

The functional and compact desk-shelf, made on the similarity of a ladder, combining in itself a workplace and shelves at the same time, ergonomically using space.

17. Locker transformer

Folding table-wardrobe.

Some kitchens are so small that there is not enough space even for a dinner table. In such a situation, a similar folding table that simultaneously performs the functions of a dining area, shelves for storing dishes and an organizer for various small items will become a real find.