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Limiters for bookshelves: 30 DIY ideas

The limiters for books can not be called very popular decor. And in vain! We have gathered visual evidence that limiters are relevant not only in old libraries, but can harmoniously fit into the modern interior and decorate it. We have completed several ideas with a phased guide to implementation.

Win-win gold

It's amazing how much the gold color changes things. As a simple idea for the restraints, we suggest you take any heavy object: a stone of the original form, a piece of brick, a shell, or a tired figurine - and paint it out of a can of gold paint.

Pads and textile pyramids

Perhaps the most unexpected and cozy option - textile limiters. They will easily fit into any style, you just need to choose a suitable fabric: for example, cotton in small flowers is suitable for Provence, linen or canvas - for the Scandinavian style, geometric patterns will look good in a modern interior, and velvet will perfectly fit into the classics or ar -deco As a filler, you can use pebbles or grits (rice, buckwheat) or beans.

Two in one

Choose a pair of cute cans, glasses or any molds, paint or decorate if necessary in any way that seems appropriate. You can put stationery, flowers, candles or incense sticks in these containers, each time providing a new sound to the bookcase.

The second life of toys

Almost every child has rubber animals. It is a pity that they become useless to anyone when children grow up. At the same time, one can make such a huge amount of cool things out of them that we even wanted to specifically buy such items in the children's store.

For book stoppers, you can use two toys to put each on a pedestal, or cut one large one. Another interesting idea, perfectly suited for the upcoming New Year holidays, is to use rubber deer heads.

The choice of naturalness

Very beautiful, natural and at the same time simple limiters are obtained from wooden logs. Especially these are suitable for styles of chalets, country and eco. The main thing, do not forget to process the tree to get rid of the parasites and ensure it has a long service life.

You can make more complex compositions. We, for example, came to the delight of the idea of ​​using different types of wood or different painting to imitate the cut of the ground.

Books in quotes

These shelf stoppers are simply amazing. These can be found on sale, but why not go a more interesting way and make them yourself?

From A to Z"

Limiters for the shelves in the form of letters of the alphabet will not only decorate your bookcase, but also help to organize it better. Arrange the authors alphabetically and add such constraints as convenient pointers. You can make them from anything, starting with fabric and ending with concrete.

The second life of shoes

Do you have beautiful heeled shoes, but over the past few years you have not worn them? This beauty can still do its service, if not on your feet. Put shoes on the shelf as a book restraint: a stylish look will be provided to the shelving. Especially well such holders will look in rooms in a glamorous style or, on the contrary, in brutal apartments - for a spectacular contrast.


And a few more ideas to awaken the spirit of creativity.