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Ideas and tips from serving masters: how to harmoniously decorate the table for the New Year 2017


Not far off is the celebration of one of the most important events of each year - New Year, not only the fact of the holiday is important, but also the atmosphere created around it, which is why it is so important to know how to properly decorate the table for the New Year 2017. Many are sure that you will meet the year so you will spend it, therefore it is worth preparing thoroughly for the meeting of the Year of the Rooster, including in the decoration of the festive table.

Stylish festive table setting will create a fabulous atmosphere

Delicious dishes will delight guests, as well as a symbol of the coming year - Fire Rooster

Decorating the table - an entertaining process that will help distract from the bustle of the New Year

To enter successfully in the year, you must arrange the table with the preferences of his "patron"

Simple and beautiful table decor in country style

Tip! Many housewives believe that it is imperative to cajole the patron of the coming year, not only with the dishes, but also with the appearance of the table for the meal. In the case of the Fiery Rooster, namely, his year is waiting for us, it is worth sustaining a minimalist style.

Natural gifts will decorate the New Year's table in the year of the Fiery Rooster

Whose year meet?

Before you decorate the table for the New Year, you should find out the details about his patron, or more precisely, about the Red Fire Rooster. This bird is considered serious and sensible, it does not hold hot temper, but moves away quickly. The rooster loves naturalness and naturalness, even simplicity.

The rooster is a bright bird, a leader. She loves her home and carefully monitors her appearance, so when decorating the table, be attentive to the little things.

In the setting of the table is to adhere to the rustic style, because this bird is familiar and understandable. To make it clearer, use boldly:

  • linen tablecloths in natural colors:
  • dry bouquets of flowers;
  • vegetable and fruit compositions;
  • braided pigtails, buns, bundles of bagels;
  • bundles of pepper, onions, twisted bundles of straw, wheat spikelets.

Composition of vegetables and plants will decorate the New Year's table

Note! Do not use plastic tableware on the table. If suddenly there is Gzhel porcelain in the arsenal, it's time to get it out of the bins and decorate the table with it.

Beautiful dishes under Gzhel porcelain

Pottery in blue is perfect for serving New Year's table

In the color scheme is to withstand the blue-green theme. In general, the Rooster himself is bright and also loves brightness, so the dishes for him should be on the table. Also it is necessary to appease the short-tempered year 2017 with wooden spoons, dippers and bowls, earthenware will have to be more suitable than ever.

Golden - blue shades of the decor look stylish and festive

Tablecloth and napkins

Let's start with the tablecloth and napkins, because they set the tone for the entire design of the table and its decoration. The villager, the Rooster loves naturalness and naturalness, therefore it is worth to decorate the table for the New Year with his own hands with natural tablecloths, namely: linen or cotton. The best option, if the napkins are from the same canvas, so they will be in harmony with the main decoration of the table.

White - red decoration of the New Year's table

Colors fit any that you can only see on the cockerel. Red, orange, pink, golden, red.

A bright tablecloth will complement the New Year's image of the holiday table

Note! Black color is also found in the bird's plumage - the patron of the coming year, but if you are gathering a big company for the celebration, you should refuse such color design, as far from everyone will like it. White, although it is considered a classic, but already fed up with order.

Table decoration in symbolic bright red shades

Idea! You can give a touch of organization with the help of napkins and immediately congratulate your welcome guests on the holiday, but this serving option is suitable only if you probably know how many guests will come and who exactly. Prepare for each guest a personalized napkin with his name and symbol of the year. If there is no time to do napkins, you can simply put a small greeting card for each guest in his place.

Any symbolic thing can be used to designate the place of each guest.

Utensils and appliances

When choosing dishes also preference is given to natural materials. And it is worth remembering that the rooster loves sparkling and brilliant, the presence of sparkles and dishes that sparkle, just like the symbol of the year.

Interesting classic table setting in gold

The ideal option is wooden objects on the table, but it is rather difficult to completely replace ordinary dishes, besides, it will be difficult to eat with wooden spoons. You can find a way out - use it in serving - dishes, trays, fruit vases. Cutlery and plates with the use of more familiar material.

The ease and simplicity of the design of the table in a rustic style

Tip! The Fiery Rooster is not against porcelain tableware, and even more so, if there are ornaments with birds on it, it will melt and give you happiness for the year 2017.

Dishes with the symbol of the coming year

A good option - the usual dishes of coral, golden, brown tones.

It is important to withstand the general style of dishes for serving and individual plates and appliances. They can be combined, for example, by tying forks and spoons (on the handles) satin ribbons to match the tablecloths and / or plates.

The harmonious combination of bright colors in the design of the New Year's table

Some serving rules

Options for how to decorate the table for the New Year, mass. But still, there are some serving rules that should not be violated.

Ecostyle at the design of the table is elegant and easy

  1. Tablecloth must be washed and ironed. Its edges hang no more than 30 cm.
  2. The ideal option would be if the tablecloth contrasts with the color of napkins or their material.
  3. The plates are put on the table first, then the appliances and then the glass (glasses, glasses, etc.).
  4. The spoon and knife are always on the right side of the plate, the fork on the left. Appliances should be laid out with the convex side down.
  5. Glasses and glasses are located to the right of the plate.
  6. Maintain the overall style in the table setting.

Beautiful and competent table setting

How to decorate the table for the New Year 2017 and appease the Rooster?

Tableware and tablecloth are good. But you need to prepare for the Rooster that which he really loves and that he is familiar with. Before you decorate the table for the New Year of the Rooster 2017, you will have to look for some important attributes.

Homemade crafts symbol of the coming year

An excellent decoration of the table will be the composition of dried flowers and feathers. Creating a single central composition of such components will show all guests exactly what year you will meet, if they suddenly do not know.

Magnificent composition consisting of feathers, cones and gilded wine glasses

If the feathers could not be found, and the flowers were not dried, then caulk the Cockerel with his favorite food. The original decoration will be a composition of vases with barley in the middle of the table. Moreover, it is important that the vases were shallow and transparent. You can fill them in:

Delicate composition of dry plants, candles and grains

  1. Rice
  2. Buckwheat.
  3. Millet.
  4. Wheat
  5. Dry corn.

Original candlesticks from bottles filled with different cereals will delight the Fire Rooster

In the saucers you can put the symbolic "green" - fir branch. And if you spend some time, then you can germinate real greens. The germination sequence:

Live green plants on the table create a warm, homely atmosphere.

  • buy barley on the market or in the pet store. It will take literally a handful of it;
  • fill it with water in a plate so that the grains are well soaked. The water level is a couple of millimeters above the grain level. Leave in a warm place for 24 hours. During this time, the grain swells;
  • from time to time add water to keep the grain constantly wet;
  • when you notice the first sprouts, pour the grain into the container that will show off on the table;
  • The "harvest" of greenery is 10-15 cm in height under normal lighting and sufficient moisture you will receive in 5-7 days. Nobody will have such an original table decoration.

Composition for decorating the New Year's table from living plants

Note! In order to decorate the table for the New Year in such an unusual and beautiful way, you need to start germination at least 10 days before the holiday, that is, December 20-21.

The original decor of the table will always please both guests and hosts.


They are one of the important attributes of the 2017 meeting, as the Rooster is a representative of the element of fire. Options for the arrangement of candles on the New Year's table:

One of the main decorations of the New Year's table are candles

  • In the center of the dining table to place a large transparent vase in which to pour water. Place small pill candles on the surface of the water. The reflection from the water and the vase will give a beautiful glow. This combination of water and fire symbolizes natural energy.
  • Not bad at the festive table look themed Christmas figures, candles. And if you place them around the table.

Arrangement of candles in the middle of the table in coniferous branches

  • Long candles in beautiful candlesticks in the center of the table. Their number depends on the length of the table, the minimum is 2 pieces.
  • You can place mini-candles near each plate, but at the same time guests should be comfortable to eat.
  • To make the holiday table beautiful and at the same time safe will help electric. Of course, the living flame does not emanate from them, but they can even be used at the celebration where the children will be.

Small candles on each plate create a special image of the holiday table

When decorating the table with candles it is important not to overload them. So they emphasize the atmosphere. Their number should be calculated based on the size of the table and the illumination of the room.

Fabulous image of the New Year's table with a lot of different candles

Note! Candles create an intimate atmosphere, if you plan a fun friendly party, it is better to give them up.

Do not clutter all the space with candles, they should only emphasize the New Year's atmosphere

Natural decorations

New Year's table may well be decorated with natural natural decorations. For example:

  • Twigs ate. They will give a pleasant aroma and immerse guests in the New Year fairy tale.
  • Pine or fir cones. They can be expanded on the table or arranged in the form of a central composition on the table. To do this, take a large wide vase to fill it with grain (which the rooster likes) to lay cones on top, you can add toys and a little rain.

Contrast table setting of fir branches with cones, candles and pomegranate

  • An interesting decoration can be created from tangerines. Besides the fact that it will become a bright accent on the table, it also naturally brings flavor to the house. To create the composition, you will need a foam ball, such as is used to create bouquets or topiary. Still need toothpicks, tangerines (beautiful with thin skinned, they look neater in the composition), cloves. Building such a tangerine tree does not take much time. Foam ball should be put on the leg, which, when finished, should be decorated with brown satin ribbon. Tangerines to put on a toothpick and evenly cover the ball with them. Gaps can be decorated with rain. In tangerines insert several carnations. Arrange the composition is in the center of the kitchen table.

Delicate composition of tangerines and pine branches with cones

  • If you are lucky enough to pick berries in the summer and they are dried on the branches, then you can also create a beautiful bouquet with them. Add to them spruce branches, wheat spikelets. Putting the composition in a transparent vase, you can additionally decorate it with small Christmas-tree toys.

Rustic Festive Table Decoration

  • One of the winter symbols is also cranberry. An attractive composition can be created with these berries. For this you need a rectangular oblong plate. In the center of it, place square candles. Sprinkle cranberries around them and rub with powdered sugar. You can add small spruce twigs. Such a concise decoration will be a real highlight of the holiday table.

Beautiful decoration of the table for the New Year - cranberries in powdered sugar

Figurines and themed decorations

We already took care of satisfying the symbol of the year with food, color and materials, but to meet the year of the Rooster without the presence of the hero of the occasion is illogical. Rooster figurines can be made of clay, glass, porcelain.

Bright themed figurines will decorate the New Year's table

Tip! If the New Year is celebrated in a close family circle with children, then the figure of the Rooster can be made from paper. Participation in the creation of children's crafts, will introduce them to the holiday and give a lot of impressions.

Homemade paper cockerels made with their own hands will delight children and guests

The statuette - Faberge egg will look great. If you have one, it will be in place. There should be several thematic figures, so that next to each guest is a symbol of the year that you meet.

You can also create a charm symbol in the form of a nest with newly hatched chicks. It can be made in the form of an application or, so to speak, a 3D model. The last option is quite easy to make.

Small symbolic chickens sewn using the Tilda doll technique


  1. The nest is obtained from the threads. They need to be confused with each other. If you can find hay, then this is generally excellent.
  2. Symbolic eggs will turn out to be made of plasticine, papier-mâché or clay.
  3. Put statuettes of chicken and rooster near the nest.

Such a composition will be an excellent talisman and a symbol of the family nest.

Cake decoration symbol of the coming year of mastic

Decoration of dishes

In addition, the design of the table should be bright, to match the owner of 2017, you should know how to decorate the festive table for the New Year with dishes.

Such beautiful gingerbread will impress your little guests.

Already familiar salads - Olivier and mimosa can be interesting to decorate. Olivier make as bright as possible. So, like a fire sign. On top, put the green "bushes" of dill and parsley.

Cutting with the original decor in the form of a rooster will not remain without attention

Fur coat can be laid out on a large dish in the form of a rooster.

The most blessed meal where you can realize your imagination is the cake. The possibilities of decorating with the help of mastic are almost unlimited - colors, shapes, sizes.

Luxurious cake decorated with a mastic rooster figurine

Decorating a festive table is a crucial task that will require time and imagination from the hostess. Beautifully decorate almost any festive dining table, while not spending a lot of money. The guests will be charged with positive energy for the whole year.