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Cheap and effective: 19 brilliant ways to customize the use of vinegar

In the new review were collected brilliant ways to use vinegar in the home.

Each of them will help to solve not the simplest task, which, however, each encountered at least once in their lives.

1. Eliminating unpleasant odors

Vinegar for unpleasant odors in the house.

Table vinegar perfectly eliminates unpleasant odors, being a budget alternative to chemical detergents and air fresheners. Aqueous solution of vinegar can be sprayed in the cabinets and corners of the apartment, as well as to wipe various surfaces in the house, shelves and containers in the refrigerator. Vinegar absorbs unpleasant odors and creates a feeling of purity and freshness.

2. Bath disinfection

Vinegar for washing and disinfecting the bathroom.

Pour some vinegar into the spray bottle, spray the product over the surface of the bath and sink, and then wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth. By the way, a mixture of vinegar, water, ammonia and baking soda can be used to clean ceramic tiles and remove mold.

3. Cleaning the cutting boards

Cleaning and disinfection of cutting boards.

From time to time, wipe wooden boards with a cloth dipped in vinegar to eliminate contamination, unpleasant odors and microbes that settle on wooden surfaces.

4. Washing windows and mixers

Washing glass, plastic and metal surfaces.

The water-acetic solution will easily cope with cleaning windows, plastic surfaces and faucets. This solution to cope with pollution is not worse than special detergents and will save a lot of money.

5. Care for fresh flower bouquets

Freshness of live bouquets.

Add two tablespoons of vinegar and the same amount of sugar to a vase of water to maximize the life of fresh flowers.

6. Washing paint brushes

Hot vinegar for cleaning paint brushes.

To clean the brushes of dried paint, soak them for half an hour in a container with hot vinegar, then wash the pile with soap and rinse with water. This procedure will allow the tassels to return to their previous appearance, and the bristles will become soft and smooth.

7. Rust removal

Cleaning tools, nuts and bolts from rust.

To remove rust from various metal parts, bolts, nuts and small hand tools, boil or soak them in vinegar for several days. Then simply rinse under running water and wipe with a towel.

8. Remove stickers

Removing stickers and price tags without a trace.

Warm vinegar will quickly and completely remove stickers or price tags from virtually any surface. Just soak a cloth in warm vinegar, attach it to the sticker, hold it for a few seconds, after which the sticker disappears by itself.

9. Shiny and strong hair

Acetic hair rinse.

Rinse your hair with a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple or tea vinegar to get rid of dandruff, give your hair a natural shine, make it smooth and more docile.

10. Treatment of angina


In a glass of warm water, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to get a budget and effective mouthwash for sore throat.

11. Ant remedies

Vinegar against ants.

Vinegar - an effective and affordable tool that will help get rid of ants who have settled in a house or apartment. Walk on all surfaces of the house with a rag dipped in a water-acetic solution, also try to spray the product in all possible corners of the house, soon the insects will leave the house.

12. Cleaning clothes from wool

Rinse for clothes.

It is not easy to remove pet hair from clothes. Will cope with this task, the acetic rinsing will help. Add half a glass of vinegar to a washing machine when rinsing or rinse things in vinegar by hand.

13. Fungus treatment

Healing baths with vinegar.

To cure the fungus on the legs will help the bath with the addition of vinegar. To prepare such a bath, you need to mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 5 to 1. The procedure should be done once a week, keeping your feet in a water-vinegar solution for about 15-20 minutes.

14. Wash

Vinegar for washing.

To relieve clothes from unpleasant odors, get rid of stains, soften clothes, as well as preserve or restore the colors of bright things will help ordinary table vinegar. Vinegar can be used both for washing by hand and for a washing machine, which, by the way, will greatly improve its condition.

15. Cleaning leather and suede

Care of suede and leather products.

Using vinegar, you can clean the skin or suede from stains and hide the scuffs on it. Just wipe the surface of the suede shoes, leather handbag or car seat with a cloth dipped in white alcohol vinegar. Such a procedure will return to the products the former brilliance and will hide the existing shortcomings.

16. Remedy for weeds

Destruction of weeds.

Water the soil under the vinegar weeds so that they dry up and disappear from your garden.

17. Teeth whitening

Vinegar for teeth whitening.

Once a week brush your teeth dipped in vinegar. This procedure will help whiten your teeth and eliminate bad breath.

18. Smell of cat tray

Wash the cat tray.

Use vinegar to neutralize the feline cat odor. Just rinse the tray with a small amount of vinegar, and then rinse well with water.

19. Care for dog hair

Acetic spray for shine dog wool.

Mix in a spray alcohol vinegar with a small amount of water and evenly spray the solution on the dog's fur. This tool will make your pet's coat shiny and silky, and will help get rid of parasites.