Useful ideas

22 helpful tips for your bathroom


To make the bathroom more convenient, you should know some tricks.

If you change or add some little things in your bathroom, it can not only be transformed, but also become more comfortable.

If you are not going to make a complete repair in your bathroom, then these useful tips will help you to make it more comfortable, so that all the things in it are close, so that everything in the bathroom is beautifully organized, and it is even nicer to enter.

Bathroom Ideas

1. Hang in the bathroom 2 curtain rods in the shower - one will have curtains, and the other will have hooks on which baskets with different small objects can be hung.

2. With several small magnets or one self-adhesive magnetic tape, pins, tweezers and scissors can be stored in one place.

3. To beautifully hang a few rolls of toilet paper, you can make a special pouch.

You will need:

- the cloth

- scissors

- needle and thread or sewing machine.

3.1. Measure the circumference of the roll and multiply the data by the number of rolls you want to keep in the case (in this example 2). It is advisable to leave a few centimeters (15-20 cm) for stock.

3.2. Now measure the width of the roll and add 5 cm.

3.3. Cut two pieces of fabric of the right size. You can use a thick fabric and then you only need 1 piece.

3.4 (If using a thin cloth). Connect two pieces of fabric with stitching (measure 2-3 cm from the edge), leaving one short end intact. Also cut the gasket material to the right size.

3.5 (If using a thin cloth). Cut corners.

3.6. Iron the fabric.

3.7. You can make the edging.

3.8. To be able to tie the cover to the rack for toilet paper, you need to make pens. To do this, cut off two wide strips of fabric, fold them as shown in the picture, fasten with stitching and attach to the cover.

4. A regular cutlery organizer can be used to store toothpaste, brushes and other small items.

Useful for the bathroom

5. You can buy or make your own simple organizer, in the pockets of which you can store sponges, rags, bathroom cleaners and more.

To make a similar organizer with your own hands, you will need:

- thick fabric

- oilcloth

- pen (marker) and ruler (to measure the size of the pockets)

- thread and needle or sewing machine

- self-adhesive hooks

- A thin rod (plastic or wooden) so that you can hang the organizer evenly.

5.1. Make the necessary measurements of tissue and oilcloth using a ruler and marker.

5.2. Cut a piece of fabric of the right size - the oilcloth should be 1.5 to 2 times wider than the fabric, depending on the size of the future pocket. Marker divide this piece of fabric into as many parts as you have pockets in the organizer (in this example, 9 parts / pockets).

5.3. Cut a piece of oilcloth of a suitable size and cut it into three strips. Each marker strip divided into 3 parts (if your organizer has 9 pockets).

5.4. Attach strips of oilcloth to the fabric with pins, leave on top of 2-3 cm of fabric. Connect stitching fabric and strip of oilcloth. Sew the oilcloth to the fabric in the marked places and at the bottom to make pockets.

5.5. Attach the rod to the top of the organizer. To do this, wrap the rod with a cloth and sew a rim of fabric.

5.6. You can sew around the edges of the beyku.

6. To move the curtain in the bathroom easily and not get stuck, use ordinary petroleum jelly.

Just put a little petroleum jelly on the curtain rod, on which hooks or rings that hold the curtain will slide along easily.

Ideas for the bathroom (photo)

7. How to clean the bathroom with a grapefruit.

7.1. Cut the grapefruit in half and sprinkle the halves with salt.

7.2. Wet the bathroom and sprinkle salt on the bottom.

7.3. Use half a grapefruit as a scraper and walk it over the entire surface of the bath.

7.4. Wash everything off with water.

Useful bathroom accessories

8. The hanging shoe organizer can be attached to the curtain rod and to the door and kept in pockets various useful things for the bathroom.

9. The socket can be used as a stand for a hairdryer.

10. Hairdryer and other small appliances that you may need in the bathroom can also be stored in a basket or paper storage rack attached to the cabinet.

11. A multi-level stand, a rotating shelf, or simply a fruiting box can be used to store such trifles as cotton pads, cotton swabs, small towels, and other things.

12. Cotton swabs, discs and other small items can be stored in jars attached in this way to the wall.

Useful things for the bathroom

13. Wine shelf can be used for compact storage of towels.

14. You can attach several hangers or towel hooks to a wooden door.

15. As a towel holder, you can use a regular ladder.

16. Try hanging a crumpled t-shirt in the bathroom. While you take a shower, it will be gradually smoothed out.

17. If a mirror is sweating in the bathroom, it can be blown out of a hairdryer with hot air.

18. For storing things in the bathroom, this original organizer is suitable.

Bathroom Tips

19. Toothbrushes can be attached to plastic caps from large plastic bottles.

You will need:

- plastic covers

- stationery knife

- double-sided tape or self-adhesive fasteners (Velcro)

- spray paint (if desired).

Here is how it is done:

Lids can be glued to the cabinet or wall using double-sided tape or self-adhesive velcro.

You can also paint the covers in a suitable color with spray paint. Only in this case it is necessary to paint in a well-ventilated room, and preferably with protective glasses and a mask that will prevent the ingress of toxic substances into the body.

20. If the shower watering can become clogged with lime, then it can be cleaned with a plastic bag and vinegar.

* Pour vinegar into the bag.

* Wrap a bag around the watering can and secure with a rubber band.

* Wait about 1 hour.

21. Fragrance for a toilet or the combined bathroom.

Put a couple of drops of essential oil on a roll of toilet paper.

22. To avoid the need to reach for shampoo, shower gel and / or washcloth, use comfortable clothespins that can be attached to the curtain rod.

23. How to get rid of mold in the bathroom.

* Buy a pack of cotton tape or just roll a few long tubes out of cotton wool. You may also be helped by cotton pads or cotton strips.

* Blot the tape or cotton pads in bleach and place overnight on the place where you had mold.


According to scientists, many do not quite properly cope with their needs. Moreover, improper landing can even be harmful.

They advise to put a small bench in the toilet near the toilet. The video shows how to sit on the toilet.