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Sacking in the interior: 80+ ideas to create an atmosphere of country, Provence and boho


Sacking in the interior is loved by many designers, it is increasingly possible to meet it not only in village houses, but also in luxury apartments, restaurants, and banquet halls. Rough, inconspicuous and tough to the touch fabric is traditionally associated with the rural lifestyle and economic activity, and not with the stylish atmosphere of the modern home, but despite this, the designers readily use it in their projects. What is the secret of such popularity? It's all about the amazing versatility of sackcloth and unlimited creative potential, thanks to which the nondescript hue and rough texture of this material will bring grace, freshness, harmony, home comfort and refined aesthetics to the interior, built on contrast. It is worth looking at the burlap in a new way, if you want to transform your home and revive the bored atmosphere.

Upholstery of furniture made of burlap in the interior of a studio apartment

Wall decoration white burlap hygienic room

Classic living room combined with kitchen

Burlap pillows and poufs in loft style interior

Traveling from a dusty warehouse to a cozy home

Burlap has long been used exclusively in the economic sphere. Sewed from this rough but durable material were bags, work clothes, shopping bags. For decorating the interior, sacking was used only in village houses, where sophistication and refinement were far from the first place, and primacy, practicality, durability, and durability combined with ease of maintenance were valued above all.

Burlap decor looks very beautiful

Bedside table decorated with burlap tablecloth

Clearly visible weaves of fibers on the sackcloth looked too simple and straightforward, and the fabric itself was stiff enough and inexpressive to use for the decoration of city apartments. But it was before. Today, simplicity and naturalness are highly valued, elaborate and strict interiors do not give a feeling of peace, do not allow to relax after a hard day, and the use of such "home" and "rustic" material as sacking fills the house with serenity, harmony, which is so lacking in the residents of megalopolises.

Small padded stools will give comfort to your interior.

A burlap sofa looks very interesting

A coffee table made from an old chest will give your interior individuality.

Sacking is made from rigid bast fibers of flax, jute, cotton, using the simplest weaving. Such a material texture provides high strength and wear resistance, while the cost remains very low. It is these factors, combined with versatility, that make burlap one of the most successful materials used in arranging the interiors of various premises.

With the help of such textiles it is easy to give the situation an aged look “with history”. In combination with roughly treated wood, massive furniture, antique pieces of furniture (chest, bench) this material will help to create a unique interior, practical, natural.

The advantages of burlap

Spectacular combination of pillows of burlap and vintage sofa

Sacking in the interior, the photo clearly demonstrates it, it looks very boldly, but harmoniously, and at the same time it does not limit the designer’s imagination. Among the obvious advantages of this material are:

  1. High strength and wear resistance, which makes it possible to use fabric as furniture upholstery.
  2. Naturalness, the ability to "breathe."

    Burlap curtains for the front door decoration

  3. Neutral color palette, including warm, natural shades from beige to dark brown. Such colors easily fit into almost any setting, harmoniously combined with a variety of tones of both neutral gamut (black and white, beige) and pastel (turquoise, crimson, purple), and even saturated (orange, blue, grassy). In addition to successful color combinations, the brown scale of burlap has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calms, helps to recuperate.
  4. The rough and pronounced texture of the fabric is perfectly combined with a wide variety of fabrics from silk and lace to dense linen and cotton. Tactile contact with burlap also has a beneficial effect on health, tones, soothes.

    Burlap perfectly fit into the interior in the style of ethno

  5. Sacking is harmoniously combined with wood, metal, glass, ceramics. It will add warmth to a too cold interior, soften strict lines and gloss polished surfaces.
  6. Versatility allows you to use the material in the interiors of various styles (eco, country, ethnic, vintage, loft, boho, eclectic, Scandinavian, shebbi-chic, etc.).
  7. Easy to care. The fabric is easy to wash, it practically does not shrink.
  8. Affordable price.

Cozy dining in country style

Beautiful bedroom in white

Due to its strength and durability, burlap is perfect for upholstery furniture

Board! Can to create simple products of burlap by their by hands: at the interior will be beautiful to look pillows, napkins, curtains and all kinds of decorative accents of of this of the material.

Sacking in the interior: the use and decor

Chandeliers with burlap shades in the interior of a loft-style kitchen

The use of burlap in the interior can be:

  • Large-scale, if used rural, ethnic, eco-style. Fit into this interior wallpaper for burlap or out of it, upholstery, curtains, tablecloths of this material, well-arranged among themselves. Be sure to consider the rest of the situation in which there must be a tree (floors, furniture, wall panels), ceramics, other natural fabrics (linen, cotton, homespun lace).
  • In the form of accents. Decorative pillows, napkins or stands for dishes, covers for flower pots, furniture or cutlery, lampshades. Such details will look cute and even revive strict interiors.

The harmonious combination of curtains of burlap and furniture in the style of Provence

Burlap wall decoration looks beautiful and very unusual

Burlap lampshade in the hallway design

Board! Sackcloth much is different by density. More fat and rude canvas will fit for tailoring curtains, tablecloths, furniture covers, but thin - for decorative accents.

Furniture upholstery

Burlap upholstery will last a very long time.

Chic sofa "Chesterfield" upholstered in burlap

  • Prints - a variety of drawings, inscriptions, stamps and seals will look good on sackcloth. These may include factory marks, vintage logos, even imitations of tapestry with flowers.
  • Decorative cord - a simple twine, jute or golden rope will equally well complement the upholstery made of burlap, will serve as its edging.

Sacking is not only practical, but also pleasant to the touch

Designers are increasingly using sackcloth for the decor of modern interiors.

The burlap upholstery can be present on both modern furniture and used in the restoration of old. Sofas or armchairs in the Baroque style, Viennese chairs, soft stools on curved legs, in which the classical upholstery of tapestry, velvet or jacquard is replaced with sackcloth, will look very impressive.

The furniture covered with sacking will decorate the living room, add comfort and family warmth to the kitchen, dining room, fill the bedroom with an atmosphere of tranquility. An entrance hall will be complemented by a stool, a stool or a bench with a burlap seat, such an element will last a long time, delighting with its stylish, unusual look.

Contrast chairs in the fusion style living room

Board! Burlap can by myself paint at any colors, at by this shade will turn out muffled, having saved neutral tone.

Furniture covers and tablecloths

Lovely covers for burlap kitchen chairs

Tablecloths, covers for chairs or chairs made of burlap look spectacular. By cut, they can be:

  • Simple, emphasizing the geometry of tables, chairs and armchairs that perfectly complement the decor in modern styles, for example, Scandinavian or loft.
  • With ruffles, ruffles, spectacular ties. Such textiles can combine burlap and other, more "delicate" fabrics, contrasting in color or texture. For example, dairy cotton or white flax.

With paint and stencils, you can decorate a burlap tablecloth.

Burlap runner in the festive table setting

Board! Tablecloth of burlap will decorate by myself not only kitchen table, but also dining at dining room or even banquet in time celebrations, if a pick up appropriate decor at the form napkin, runners, but also to issue glasses, vases and other items with using of this same of the material.


Curtains of burlap in the interior of the bedroom

Simple, but tasteful, very fresh, elegantly look curtains of burlap in the interior. They add to the atmosphere of tranquility, orderliness thanks to its soft lines, muted colors. It can be:

  • Classic, drapes, floor-length, perfectly fit into the strict, elegant interiors. Their cut should not be too complicated, lambrequins or lush assembly will look ridiculous. It is better to limit yourself to a simple rectangular shape, collecting such curtains in concise folds with the help of a decorative cord or grabs decorated with flowers from the same burlap. Complement the composition of the second row of curtains of white shade.
  • Curly or multi-layered cropped curtains with ruffles are ideal for the kitchen or bedroom in the style of Provence, vintage, country. The canvas itself can be sewn of burlap in different shades, and also combined with another fabric, for example, chintz, contrasting in color, decorated with lace, embroidery, and ribbons. Similar window decoration will be harmoniously complemented by similar upholstery of furniture, napkins or other items of burlap.

Striped curtains will help to visually enlarge the room.

Curtains of burlap in the interior of the living room marine style

  • Long rectangular curtains, sewn from horizontal or vertical stripes of burlap, will organically fit into modern interiors. Also, the curtains of burlap in combination with tulle or the second row of organza and silk curtains will look beautiful.
  • Roman curtains of burlap allow you to concisely arrange the window opening. It can be both classical Roman curtains, which are assembled with spectacular folds, and rolled sheets, covering only the glazed part, leaving the window sill open.

Burlap decor looks beautiful and very stylish

Roman curtains of burlap can be made by hand

Curtains of burlap not only look stylish and add comfort, they also reliably protect the room from outside gaze outside, dim the light, but do not prevent it from entering the room, which makes the atmosphere inside it even more warm and homely.

Board! Will complement curtains of burlap lace inserts, decorative braid, fringe, embroidery, inserts of contrasting fabrics, small tucks or drawstrings, creating Effect airiness.

Decorative details

Burlap flower pots decoration

Various trifles and decorative items made of burlap will help to fill the atmosphere in the house with spiritual warmth, comfort, without disturbing the harmony of the already created atmosphere. Among these products can be noted:

  • Lamp shades on lamps, pendant or sconces. Rough burlap perfectly scatters light, focuses attention on itself, but unobtrusively.
  • Napkins - dining or decorative. They can be decorated with lace around the edges, embroidery, thematic prints.
  • Mitts.
  • Decorative pillows. They can be decorated with embroidery, sequins or rhinestones, ribbons, lace, buttons.

Burlap cushion with beautiful print

Thanks to the burlap your design will become more homely.

  • Covers or frames for flower pots, jars with spices. Add a similar decor inserts with clarifying inscriptions, burlap flowers, twine, ribbons.
  • Cutlery decor - bags, coasters, covers, etc.
  • Subframe for photos, paintings, collage, panels.
  • Screens, false partitions covered with sacking and decorated in various ways.

Very interesting and beautiful things for the house can be done using burlap

Sacking is an excellent material for interior decoration.

Board! Flower embroidery or the print on burlap will add the interior summer paints, will revive him, having filled aromas freshly mown sena and dried flowers.

This, it turns out, many-sided sacking in the interior - you can easily create both simple accessories and larger products with your own hands, completely transforming your home with them, saving the interior from everydayness, destroying the faceless atmosphere. And given the cost of material, you can experiment endlessly.