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22 cool things for the kitchen that you want to buy right now


we collected for you the most unusual kitchen gadgets that make life easier.

Surely in our selection you will find for yourself what you lacked for so long, and the cooking process will become even more pleasant and faster.

We look!

Device for spilling liquids

No spilled water or other liquids in your kitchen thanks to this fixture.

Slotted plug

With such a "smart" invention, you will never have crumbs and drops in the gaps between kitchen furniture.

Comfortable chopping board with garbage can

Very comfortable board, with which you do not have to think about where to put the cleaning.

Splashproof partition

Now you have to clean the stove 2 times less!

Spoon for distribution of dough

Incredibly cool idea! You will forget what fingers are in dough, and you will not smear anything on the kitchen with them.

Clutch bag holder

All the while waking up the contents of the package? With this device this will not happen again.

Spinning garlic press

Finally, no garlic and sticky hands.

Dispenser for the test

Now you can perfectly dose the amount of dough.

Anti-boil caps

With such lids, the stove will remain clean even longer.

Oil dispenser

A very convenient dispenser, with which you no longer have to tighten the oil cap each time.

Cheese Slicer

Now you can easily cut the cheese, even on the thinnest slices.

Paper toast bag with filling

Reheating toasted toast is now quite realistic. In the toaster does not spill a drop.

Bun Slicer

Buns can be cut without scattering crumbs around the table.

A device that collects excess fat

This gadget works on the principle of ice, is stored in the refrigerator and easily collects excess fat from your dish on its cold surface.

Dispenser for bulk products

To control the amount of bulk products with such a dispenser is not difficult.

Press for the preparation of various mashed potatoes and sauces

Thanks to this kind of press, you can easily prepare any kind of mashed potatoes, be it potato or fruit, and it will also help in the preparation of sauces.

Comfortable stand under the cover and spoon

No more drops of food and water on the table during and after cooking.

Corolla separating the yolk

And why did not they come up with such a whisk before? Now the yolks and squirrels just do not mix.

Device for drying homemade noodles

For lovers of homemade noodles, this will be a real find, very necessary in the economy.

Spoon holder to prevent dripping

With such a nice holder you will never see drops of food on your table.

Glasses for cutting onions

Finally, you can clean the onions, not shedding tears.

Flexible lunchbox

Lunchbox, which takes up very little space and is incredibly easy to use.