Useful ideas

30 great examples of the formation of a functional space with perforated panels


Attention of the reader with a new review with a dozen dozens of examples of how you can functionally and intelligently distribute the space.

These ideas can be used in residential and non-residential areas.

In any case, it is better to watch and see everything with your own eyes.

1. Wall decoration

Original wall decoration in the living room.

2. Transfiguration of the wall in the living room

Functional use of the wall.

3. Guest room

Proper use of the wall in the guest.

4. Decorating the wall

Successful decoration of the living room.

5. Kitchen space

Transforming the kitchen space with a functional wall.

6. Rationality

Rational use of useful kitchen space.

7. Kitchen space

Originally furnished kitchen drawers.

8. Nook

Nook in the kitchen to store kitchen utensils.

9. Design of the working wall

Making a working wall in the kitchen.

10. The optimal solution

The optimal solution for wall decor.

11. Kitchen shelves

Comfortable shelves in the kitchen.

12. Space saving

Making economical kitchen space.

13. Headboard

Beautiful design option headboard.

14. Dressing bedrooms

Decorating the bedroom in white.

15. Unusual interior

Bright design solution for the bedroom.

16. Bedside table

The original bedside table in the bedroom.

17. Open wardrobe

A cool option to create an open wardrobe in the bedroom.

18. Home office

A nice example of home office design.

19. Wall decoration

Wall decoration in a home office.

20. Small home office

A small home office is designed optimally and simply.

21. Home furnishings

Craftsmanship well landscaped.

22. Home office interior

A good home office interior with an original wall.

23. Amazing board

Amazing board for placing indoor garden.

24. Mini-garden

The house suspended mini-garden will decorate any interior.

25. Hallway decoration

Stylish design of the hallway in black.

26. Original hanger

Original hangers in the hallway are placed on the board.

27. Board with hooks

Board with hooks decorate the interior hallway.

28. Wall decoration

Wall decoration with hooks in the hallway.

29. Board with hooks

The optimal solution is to create a storage area in the hallway.

30. Light entrance hall

The original light entrance hall with a good hanger.