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7 plants with which you can forget about watering


Succulents are plants that can hold moisture and use it as needed. The group of succulents include plants of different species, of origin, completely different in appearance. Unites them precisely the ability to save water, if necessary. These plants are very tolerant to the conditions of detention: they calmly survive rare watering and poor lighting. If you have not dealt with houseplants, then succulents are a good choice.

Due to its compactness, ability to adapt and unusual appearance, succulents are used for the decoration of the alpine slide, vertical gardening, terrariums, making wreaths. We will talk about seven different types of succulents that even beginners can handle.

1. Konofituma and lithops

These plants are also known as "living stones". They are low, fleshy stems, having the shape of a cone, heart, or stones, depending on the species. Both succulents are represented by a large variety of species, differing in color and shape of leaves.

Konofituma and lithops enjoy good lighting and live well in the summer on the balcony. Watering should not be excessive, and in winter it stops altogether. These succulents are good for their compactness and unusual appearance. For reproduction, you can plant one or more plants in a separate pot. Succulents should be transplanted no more than once every two to three years.

2. Graptopetalum

Graptopetalum - succulent with leaves collected in a dense outlet. This plant also has a large number of varieties that differ in appearance and size: there are miniature grapptotalums, and there are specimens that reach one meter in height. Graptopetalum prefers good lighting, can even withstand direct sunlight. Watering moderate, it is important not to pour the plant and do not pour water on the leaves.

3. It was young

The name "young" in Latin sounds like Sempervívum and is translated literally as "always alive" (semper - always, vivum - alive). This name is the best way to talk about the simplicity of the plant and the ability to adapt. In Russia, it is called "stone rose": the leaves of this type are collected in a beautiful flat rosettes.

Like all succulents, the young loves bright lighting. However, on a shady window, this flower will also survive, but perhaps it will change color. Water it once a week in the summer and once or twice a month in the winter. This should be done carefully so as not to fall on the leaves.

4. Lamprantus

Lamprantus is a succulent creeping on the ground that blooms with beautiful flowers (it can only be bloomed in good light). More than 150 types of lamprantus are known, they are diverse and decorative.

Lamprantus feels good on a lighted window, but in the shade it does not bloom and branches badly. Watering the plant no more than once a week, in the fall and winter can be watered only if the leaves wither.

5. Agave

Agave - a succulent originally from Mexico. There are 300 species of agave, for growing at home use slow-growing species. Agave blooms once in a lifetime, then the plant dies. Very beautiful Agave Queen Victoria.

This flower is grown on the illuminated window sill, in the spring and in the summer it is plentifully watered, in the autumn and in the winter moderately.

6. Haworthia

Haworthia - succulent with rough leaves covered with growths. Homeland plants - South Africa. The plant stands out for its characteristic leaves. Haworthia is unpretentious. It is better to have it in a well-lit place, but not in direct sunlight. Watering moderate, no need to humidify the air.

7. Brighamia

Brighamia is a treelike succulent, which is also called the Hawaiian palm. The stem is very dense, similar to the trunk. At the top sprigs grow, on each branch - one leaf. At home, the trunk can reach a height of one meter. Brigamia blooms with pale yellow flowers.

Brigamy should be located on the south side, protecting it from direct sunlight in summer. The plant should be sprayed, watering moderate. Thanks to its ability to accumulate moisture, the brigamia can survive with a long pause in watering.

As you can see, succulents are very diverse. They are united by their unpretentiousness, due to which they calmly treat insufficient care. At the same time, succulents can be a real decoration for your home.