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How to remove the unpleasant smell in the apartment


There is no doubt that every good housewife does her best to make her house smell clean and fresh. However, sometimes it happens that, despite all the efforts, there is a nasty "scent" in the house. The reasons for this may be completely different. But regardless of why such a trouble arose, we are interested in one thing: how to remove an unpleasant smell in an apartment at home. First, it is worth figuring out whose fault is of unpleasant aroma.

Causes of odors in the apartment

Before you start fighting odors, you need to find the root of these troubles. Who would love, if going home, he will feel the stench. So, what could be the source of bad odors?

  1. Kitchen.
    Sometimes aromas emanate from this very room. Why? The fact is that most of the foodstuffs are stored here, including those that deteriorate quickly and can emit odors. Maybe something a little stale in the fridge, and in time was not detected. The unpleasant smell of spoiled food will quickly spread around the house.
    Also the stench can emanate from the bin. And for this, it is not necessary to “store” garbage for several days. If yesterday there was some strongly smelling waste in the bucket, then in the morning there will be a strong smell. It is important to monitor how often the garbage is taken out of the apartment and how carefully the bucket is washed out after that.
  2. Bathroom - the source of the smell.
    If your apartment is heated poorly, then towels for hands and body can dry out for quite a while. All this contributes to the formation of dampness and the corresponding smell. This problem can even occur where it is heated too much, and the condensate is formed very abundantly, creating additional moisture.
  3. Restroom.
    Sometimes an unpleasant smell is formed here not only because of the toilet bowl. Some families in which smokers live suffer from smoke. When there are no balconies, lazy family members do not go outside to smoke or enter the staircase, poisoning the fresh air in your apartment and giving an unpleasant smell to the whole dwelling.
    If there is an ashtray in the toilet, the offensive odor can come from there. It is important to regularly release and wash it.
  4. Linen closet.
    When your clothes are not used for a long time, a bad smell appears in them. Of course, it is not always the unpleasant scent that comes from there, but still it is quite possible. This can especially happen if some used and unwashed thing got into the clean things.
  5. Smell can come from pets.
    In this case, this happens not only when the unclean animal has done its job on your favorite carpet. If a dog or cat has not been bathed for a long time, their coat may emit a bad smell.
  6. Smell can hide in the details.
    These include cloths for the floor, accessories for washing dishes and cleaning the house. Also, the smell may appear simply because a sufficient amount of clean air does not flow into the apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to look into the ventilation openings to ensure that they are functioning normally.

How to remove the unpleasant smell in the apartment mechanically

To end the unpleasant smell in the apartment, you need to start with something. Sometimes in order to achieve freshness and cleanliness in the house for a long time, it is enough just to ventilate the room well. Of course, if there is a strong frost outside the window, this is not entirely relevant, but without a good influx of fresh air, all measures will be useless.

Air the rooms one by one. So it will be easier to keep warm. If the weather conditions allow, open at once all the windows in the apartment. So your home is likely to be filled with fresh air. If you are thinking about how to remove the unpleasant smell in the apartment with folk remedies after repairs, then airing is one of the first and most important conditions for success.

If this method did not help, or the unpleasant smell returned again, you need to take something else.

How to quickly remove the unpleasant smell in the apartment

Imagine this situation: you suddenly found out that you will have guests from minute to minute. But freshness in the room, in your opinion, is not enough. How to be? Special chemicals or air fresheners can help in these situations. Such aerosols will help to kill an unpleasant smell very quickly.

Important! Most chemicals eliminate odors. However, after several hours or even minutes, an unaccepted smell will appear again. This is worth considering before using such fresheners. Also, if an asthmatic or a person with respiratory diseases lives in the house, it is better to refuse to use such goods.

Using the shop air fresheners, it should be understood that in their overwhelming majority they do not destroy the smell and do not eliminate its cause. It is just that the aroma of the spray is added to the unpleasant smell and a certain mixture is obtained which does not seem so smelly to a person. However, bacteria, which are the source of the smell, still hover in the air and harm your body.

Therefore, it is very important to know about how to deal with the source of the smell. This will help not only protect themselves, but also permanently destroy the unpleasant odor.

It is necessary to consider what are the simple recipes of how to quickly remove the unpleasant smell in the apartment.

How to remove the unpleasant smell in the apartment at home by folk methods

Perhaps the use of folk recipes - the most effective remedy against odors in the apartment. And every hostess has a favorite method in stock. It is necessary to replenish the treasury of knowledge about cleanliness and consider some useful tips to combat unpleasant odors.

Here are the main substances that have proven themselves in the fight against odors:

  • salt;
  • coffee;
  • manganese;
  • Activated carbon;
  • herbs;
  • oils;
  • candles;
  • regular cleaning.

Further, in order are considered all these substances. You should know in what cases it is worth using.

What smells does salt make?

Salt is a unique product. She perfectly absorbs moisture. That is why if the source of your smells is in the bathroom, Put some of this substance in a beautiful container and place it where the moisture is most. You will be surprised how quickly the result will be noticeable.

If you recently made repairs in the apartment and still cannot cope with paint smells, try the following: dissolve some salt in water. Put this water in a renovated room. After a few hours, you can wipe the floor or painted area with this solution. The smell will evaporate quickly.

If the smell "settled" in the kitchen, for example, on the stove, then you can use salt while washing. It not only affects all the microbes, but also serves as a mild abrasive cleanser. Cheap and very efficient.

When we use coffee

Everyone knows that coffee is not just a wonderful drink. Every woman knows that when choosing perfumes it is necessary to smell coffee, because it helps to restore the ability of the nose to perceive odors. So, coffee will help to overcome unpleasant odors in the apartment. When exactly can I use this method?

How to use herbs?

To aromatize your room, you can use herbs that emit a strong pleasant smell. How to do it right?

In the tank for cleaning the floor you can put a few twigs, for example, hops. Under the influence of warm water, the smell opens up and you spread it around the house. Thus, two results are achieved: clean floors and fresh air.

Also, aromatic herbs can be decomposed into rag bags and put together with things in the closet. For example, lavender will help not only to give things a pleasant aroma, but also protect them from the attack of the moth.

If you have a favorite plant, you can put a sprig of dried grass in the bathroom. So you give a light unobtrusive flavor.

Important! Using this method, do not forget to change the natural freshener in a timely manner. Under the influence of moisture and moisture, the grass can rot, which only aggravates the situation.

Application of essential oils
A few drops of essential oil can give a wonderful aroma to the whole room. Where can I apply the oil?

If you are not used to using an aromatic lamp, then apply a drop of your favorite oil to one of these places:

  • Radiator;
  • entrance mat;
  • invisible seats on the upholstery;
  • towels.

Essential oils will not only give the room a pleasant aroma, but also benefit your health.

How to use candles
During burning, any candle destroys the smell in the room. Consequently, it is almost a universal remedy when dealing with unpleasant odors. A lit candle will help to destroy the smell of burning, paint, cigarettes, fried foods.

For these purposes, you can use both flavored and ordinary candles.

Regular cleaning - a guarantee of freshness

Undoubtedly, if you want to constantly feel the purity and smell of freshness in your apartment, it is necessary to carry out regular thorough cleaning.

  1. Air regularly.
  2. Try to take out the trash every day.
  3. Wash floors frequently.
  4. Keep food fresh in the fridge.

All these methods are the answer to the question: how to remove the unpleasant smell in the apartment at home. Vinegar can also be used when washing plates, refrigerators and litter bins. So you will achieve purity.

Video, how to remove the unpleasant smell in the apartment from the cat

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