Useful ideas

15 practical ideas on how to properly combine a bedroom with a living room in a small apartment


If a large area is not found among the advantages of an apartment, then allocating a separate room for the living room is an impossible dream. But it may seem so at first glance.

Designers have come up with many spectacular and stylish ideas, thanks to which it will turn out to equip the bedroom and living room in the same room.

1. Bedroom behind the glass

Bedroom behind a glass partition.

For the bedroom highlighted corner in the living room. The two zones are separated by a sliding glass partition replacing the walls. Sunlight penetrates sufficiently through glass, and the enclosed space does not look cramped due to the transparency of the partition.

2. Functional and cute shelving

For zoning used shelving.

Due to the presence of through shelves, the rack looks light and does not visually reduce the room. At the bottom of the rack can be placed closed boxes. Then it will become not only a means of zoning, separating the bedroom and living room, but also functional furniture.

3. Spacious wall

Zones are separated by a wall.

A wall of plasterboard in a small room separates the bedroom and living room. But the walls are missing, so the construction does not look too massive. Also, the white color of the wall contributes to visual relief. Such a wall can not only be a means of zoning, but also a storage system with shelves and drawers.

4. Bedroom in sight

Unusual partition in the center of the room.

A low partition in the central part of the room separates the bedroom from the living room. It also serves as the basis for the TV. Despite the complete openness, this layout allows you to effectively zone a room.

5. Democratic column

Column for zoning space.

Columns of complex design will not fit into every modern interior. But such an interior element of simple design will be appropriate even in a normal setting. in addition, the column visually separates the neighboring areas in the same room, for example, the bedroom and the living room.

6. Transparent walls

Zoning with glass.

An obvious idea if you need to combine a bedroom with a living room is to divide the room into two parts. But if you build a regular wall of aerated concrete or other similar materials, the room will seem small. The solution will be a mobile glass partition that looks light and airy.

7. Spectacular podium

Bedroom on the podium.

In order to separate the rest area from the living room, simply arrange one of them on the podium. In order for the podium to become a functional part of the interior, it is possible to arrange storage systems in it.

8. Almost wooden fence

The partition is made of wood.

Natural wood with the effect of aging will fit into almost any interior. Therefore, if you want to combine a bedroom with a living room, pay attention to the unusual partition of the beam. In combination with the white color that prevails in the interior, the texture of the tree looks luxurious.

9. Compact low rack

Shelving zoning.

A low rack that divides the room into two parts will help create separate areas for the bedroom and living room. We recommend to choose a sofa and a bed, the height of which is below the upper level of the rack. Otherwise, the interior will look sloppy.

10. All together

Living without separation.

If you do not want to spend time and think about ways to combine the bedroom with the living room, then give up zoning at all. But in this case it is necessary to take care that the sofa and the bed differ significantly in size. For example, a bed can have a high headboard. This simple technique will allow you to visually separate the two zones in the same room.

11. Invisible bed

A bed that slides into the podium.

A podium in a small apartment is a really wonderful thing. After all, it is possible to equip the whole office, and under it - arrange the bed. But before you equip a similar structure, do not forget to make sure of the high professionalism of the builders who built it.

12. Spectacular screen

Zoning with a screen.

One of the easiest ways to make a bedroom and a living room from one room is to install a screen in the two zones. The advantage of this zoning method is obvious. After all, the screen can be removed or rearranged at any time.

13. Luxury draperies

Curtain zoning.

Separate the private sleeping area from the public will get with the help of textile curtains with draperies. At bedtime or in the presence of guests, they are closed, creating a secluded atmosphere for the vacationer. The rest of the time the curtain is open, which contributes to a visual increase in the general room.

14. Almost falling ceiling

Ceiling design as a means of zoning.

Select the sleeping area is obtained by arranging a multi-level ceiling. Above the bed, the ceiling is lower than above the living area. Additionally, the bedroom is separated with a low dresser.

15. Each zone has its own color.

Color zoning.

For the sleeping area matched white-gray colors, in which contrasting details are missing. On such a neutral background, the living room area, decorated in beige and brown, looks like a separate area.