Useful ideas

17 fresh and practical ideas that will help to optimize every centimeter inside the cabinet


An apartment in which there is no closet is extremely difficult to find.

But such a piece of furniture, despite its impressive dimensions, is often used irrationally.

How to make so that all the internal space of the cabinet is used with maximum benefit?

We share a selection of fresh and useful ideas.

1. Extremely useful photos.

Photo boxes for organized storage.

If you couldn’t find transparent storage boxes for sale, then take a photo of things located inside them. This will help to simplify the search for the desired piece of clothing.

2. Functional hooks

Hooks will help to correctly apply every centimeter inside the cabinet.

Find on sale hooks is not difficult. But such a small detail, located on the inside of the cabinet, will greatly facilitate the search for various accessories - from jewelry to bags.

3. Cabinet doors - in the case

Rational use of the cabinet door.

Small rails nailed from the inside of the cabinet is an indispensable thing. Ties, jewelery, belts can be placed on them ...

4. Useful chain

Storage of things with the help of a chain.

A plastic or metal chain that is sold in hardware stores is a very convenient thing. Especially when it comes to storing things inside the cabinet. With the help of a chain, the usual hanger becomes multi-tiered.

5. Colorist's dream

Organized storage by color.

Choosing the right clothes in the morning is an exercise that can take a lot of time. Simplify the process will help folding clothes in color.

6. Things in rolls

Conveniently fold things - it is very important.

Ironing things is not the most exciting thing to do. A simple action will help prevent waste of time: just roll the clothes into small compact rolls.

7. Boxes with transparent inserts

Storage of things in boxes.

Ordinary paper boxes can be inconvenient for storing things. But it is worth spending a little time, and they turn into really functional items. Simply cut small windows into them and paste pieces of transparent plastic from the inside, for example, from the cover for the files.

8. Eternal plastic

Storage of things in plastic boxes.

Plastic boxes for things nowadays can be bought at any hardware store or building supermarket where there are decor departments. Their great advantage is durability and convenience: finding the desired item is not difficult.

9. Convenient drawers

Convenient shoe boxes.

The ideal course of action is to think about the rational storage of things at the design stage of the cabinet. For example, retractable metal boxes are perfect for shoes.

10. Fabric Suspended Storage Systems

Functional suspended storage systems.

Finding on sale textile storage systems with hangers is very easy. For example, similar things are offered by the Ikea network, which has stores in every major city.

11. Footwear vertically

Convenient storage system for shoes.

Chaotically located shoes - a problem for real women. Wooden slats nailed on the door of the cabinet will help you to conveniently arrange shoes or boots with heels.

12. Boots on hangers

Unusual storage of boots.

Shoes with high tops when improperly stored can quickly lose their original shape. A sensible but simple solution is to use ordinary hangers to place the boots.

13. Bags - in order

Good idea for storing bags.

To pick up a bag that will ideally fit a certain bow is not an easy task. Especially if a lot of accessories. Use plastic boxes to keep bags visible.

14. A useful idea for lovely ladies.

Organized storage of linen.

Lingerie that lies in boxes in disarray often loses its shape. Putting it on hangers is also not the best solution. And to orient in linen, for which a separate box is allocated, it will be very convenient.

15. Seasonal items - top

Reasonable storage of seasonal items.

The less used things are, the higher they can be put. An ideal place for seasonal storage will be the top shelves of the cabinet.

16. Accessories that cannot be tangled

How to store scarves? Hang them up!

Scarves, belts and other small things often lie in disarray. The plastic hooks that are attached to the shower curtain will help to make storage of things in the closet.

17. Double hangers from ordinary

Making hangers more convenient.

Great idea for lovers of carbonated drinks. You just need to hang the metal parts from the jars on the hooks from the usual hangers. So ordinary hangers will become doubly comfortable.