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Bath clogged, what to do?

Everyone faced the problem of clogging in your bathroom, and if the need arises, we first go to the nearest store to buy special products from clogs. But we want to offer you an alternative and inexpensive way to deal with this problem, with the help of available tools, maybe even some funds are in your house, and there is no need to purchase them. This will require a sewer cable, soda ash and a plunger. Next, we will tell you how to properly clean the blockage without the help of plumbers.

The very first thing you need to figure out what's the problem? In your pipes, which are at home and they are just clogged, or pipes outside your apartment. If the second, then you need to safely call the plumber, you yourself will not be able to cope with this problem. But how to find out exactly where the blockage occurred? It is necessary to simultaneously open both taps in the kitchen and bathroom, if the water does not go out, only the employees of Jeka will save in this situation, if the water started to leave in the kitchen and the bath doesn’t drain, then try to eliminate this trouble yourself.

What is clogging? This can be said to cork from household dirt, which contributes to the delay in the descent of fluid. As a rule, contamination occurs in the form, hair, wool, pet, grease, thread and other household garbage. Who has children in the pipe can get small items of designers, clay, chewing gum, caps from markers. Rings, beads and more. In the end, various debris is compressed and collected, that the water stops flowing into the hole, and blockage and unpleasant smell are unfortunately inevitable.

Chemical method

Let's try to dissolve the fat, it is not difficult to do this, with the help of knowledge of chemistry lessons, because fat is known to be afraid of alkaline environment and high temperature, and we can try both. To begin with, pour hot water into the blockage hole, you can simply open the hot water tap or pour boiling water from the kettle. If it did not work out, we will make a solution of soda ash (150 grams of soda per 200 ml of hot water), and pour it into the clogged pipe, leaving it to dissolve for 1.5 hours. After the time has elapsed, re-open the hot water, the plug of the blockage should be removed under a powerful stream of water.

Be careful and attentive! The use of soda ash in contact with skin may cause burns, wear gloves to avoid negative effects! And be very careful when using. Soda happy light. And when the wind blows it will be able to rise and inadvertently get into the eyes.

If it does not help, plumbing cable and plunger will come to our rescue!

Mechanical cleaning method

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Before cleaning the clog with a plunger, you also need to boil hot water and pour the contents into the clogged pipe. Hot water can soften fatty deposits and dirt, and it will be much easier to clean the clog. After fifteen minutes you can start cleaning with a plunger. How to use, we will tell you further.


  1. Lubricate the edge of the plunger with petroleum jelly, the tool will be able to fit more closely to the enamel and not slip, which is very important when using a plunger.
  2. If your bath has a hole for overflow, then it must be plugged with something, a wet rag, scotch tape, any means at hand, the main thing is to completely cover the hole. This is done so that the air could not get into the pipe through the overflow hole and did not reduce the pressure.
  3. A wish can pour a small amount of water, it will only increase the pressure head.
  4. Press the plunger over the hole and press it firmly.
  5. You will try to squeeze and re-press onto the plunger with the help of pumping movements, with the help of the necessary pressure, the clogged plug will gradually move upwards towards the hole.
  6. Repeat a few repetitive movements, slightly rocking the plunger. And then abruptly pull it out, if the water could not descend, then you need to repeat the procedure several times, about 2-3 times will be enough.

Plumbing cable

If such a method can not cope with this unsolved problem. But you can use the plumbing cable. It looks like a flexible metal spring, height from 2.5 meters to 30 meters. At the end of the cable nozzle, with which you can pick up the desired blockage and pull it.

How to use:

  1. Insert the cable into a deep hole, try a little knock and move in a circular motion clockwise, and sharply pull back.
  2. Remove the cork dirt and repeat the procedure, with several attempts it is possible to partially remove the blockage.
  3. If the blockage occurred in the bath, then use the hole from the overflow, and not from the drain, through it you can more thoroughly clean the hole.
  4. If a clog occurs in the sink, remove the siphon and you may already be able to remove the accumulated debris. If not, insert the cable into the pipe and make several rotating movements, trying to remove all the dirt partially. Turn on the water, check whether the drainage works properly. If yes, then it means that the problem managed to cope perfectly!
  5. Remove the cable away from children, pre-wipe with a dry cloth.

Attention! For plastic pipes, use plastic braided cables to avoid the deformation of your pipes when cleaning.

If the problem is not gone, and it is constant, but you regularly clean and try not to clog the hole. It is quite possible when installing plumbing made a mistake. The problem can be eliminated by reinstalling the pipes.

After you have removed the blockage in the bathroom, forget to wipe the cable dry and hide it away from children.

A few simple tips can avoid the negative effects of clogging in the bathroom.

  1. On the hole, install a plastic mesh to drain, regularly clean it, it will help avoid frequent blockage.
  2. Regularly carry out preventive measures recommended below.
  • Example 1

Once a week pour a few liters of boiling water, this will help dissolve all the grease and soap residues that have settled on the walls of pipes,

  • Example 2

Prepare a mixture of 250 grams of salt + 250 grams of baking soda and 1⁄4 glasses of tartar. Store in a dry place. When a blockage you can pour a little of this solution and pour boiling water into the hole, then turn on cold water.

  • Example 3

Add to the drain 150 gr. baking soda, pour 150 grams of vinegar on top and close the hole with a stopper. Soda and vinegar form in a violent reaction with the release of carbon dioxide, and immediately dissolve the fat and frozen soap. After a while, turn on the hot water and soon the stream will help to wash away the remnants of dirt and clogging.

Now you can say with courage that you are an experienced specialist in cleaning clogs, and you don’t have to call a plumber!