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Useful food waste that does not need to rush to throw

If you decide to eat the peel of fruits and vegetables, it is important to know whether it is environmentally friendly, because pesticides settle to a greater extent in the outer shell than in the pulp.

In the process of processing vegetables and fruits, two kinds of waste remain - solid (peel, seeds, etc.) and liquid (juice and water). They can be a cheap source of antioxidants that promote health and prevent the onset of certain chronic diseases.

1. Potato and carrot peel

Most of the nutrients contained in potatoes and carrots, such as vitamin C and potassium, are retained if these vegetables are consumed along with the peel. It also has a huge amount of fiber. In almost any recipe, carrots and potatoes can be cooked with the peel.

The peel of one potato the size of a fist contains half the daily norm of potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin C. It is not necessary to eat the peel raw, it is enough just to boil the potatoes "in uniform".
In addition, the potato skin will get rid of gray hair. To do this, boil the cleaning for 30 minutes, cool the resulting broth and rinse the hair after washing. After a few treatments, you will notice that gray hair is noticeably darker.

2. Broccoli leaves and stems

Like the inflorescences, the leaves and stems of this superfood are equally tasty and rich in antioxidants, as well as fiber, but, unfortunately, they often end up in a trash can. In addition, they are an excellent source of carotenoids and vitamins A and C. They can be eaten raw by adding to salad. The stems contain a fairly large amount of fiber.

3. Melon rind

Melon rind is rich in citrulline (an amino acid that helps to improve blood circulation). Mix the peel with the pulp in a blender and get a delicious and rich in antioxidants cocktail.

Melon peel juice is recommended to be instilled into the nose by 2-3 drops with nosebleeds and with a cold.
This crust can also be applied to wounds and bruises - they will heal faster. The crust will help as a compress on the chest and throat with sore throat and bronchitis.
If you put a melon skin on your face, fix it with a bandage, and leave it overnight, freckles and age spots will gradually disappear. Apply fresh crusts to the face for 15 minutes - a tightening effect is ensured, and the skin will look younger.
If you skip the rinds together with the peel through a juicer and drink half a glass of the resulting juice, after you eat a portion of melon, you will retain youth and health.
During the melon season, you can improve the condition of your hair and skin if you eat 2-5 grams a day. fresh seeds, chewing them (you can with honey).
And the last little secret. To make the meat soft, when cooking it, put the melon rind in the pan.

4. Peel of a zucchini acorn

It contains a set of vital antioxidants, including phyto-nutrients and fiber. Halves of this vegetable can be fried with the skin. Thus, the dish will look more appetizing. A spoonful of maple syrup and a pinch of sea salt will make its taste unique.

5. Onion Peel

It is rich in quercetin, which lowers blood pressure and prevents clogged arteries. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, inhibits the production and release of histamine. Therefore, onion peel can be useful to those who suffer from hay fever.

6. Pineapple Core

It is more rigid and certainly not as appetizing as the flesh. The core contains many nutrients. It is just a little harder and not as sweet as the rest of the pineapple. By eating it raw, you get all the nutrients of the fruit.

7. Lemon and orange peel

The rind of these citrus fruits is a real source of fiber, flavonoids and vitamins. According to unofficial data, the active chemical substance contained in the skin of lemons and oranges (D-lemon) helps to relieve heartburn and indigestion. A good concentration of vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system and prevent respiratory infections. In addition, the peel extract can be used as an antibacterial moisturizer, insect repellent, and even a kitchen oil remover. It is also used for teeth whitening. Pectin and fiber in a white layer under the skin can help curb appetite and suppress hunger for up to 4 hours.

Lemon peel contains citric acid, so it is great for polishing objects made of copper, brass and other non-ferrous metals. Cook in the microwave for 10 minutes a few pieces of lemon peel in a bowl with a little water, you save the microwave, and at the same time the whole kitchen, from unpleasant smell.

There is the use of lemon peel and in cooking: lemon peel, put in a bottle of vodka will give it a pleasant aroma; added to baking with soda will make it more lush; and drowned in a bottle of olive oil, "revive" the old oil and give it a subtle lemon flavor.

Antioxidants contained in the peel of an orange are 20 times stronger than in the fruit itself or in its juice, they help to significantly reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.
If you cannot force yourself to eat oranges with the peel, try sprinkling with the grated peel baking, cheese or mixing it with any jam. If you yourself squeeze orange juice - put a little peel in a juicer, so that it mixed with juice.

8. Celery Leaves

Along with the fact that they contain five times more magnesium and calcium than the stalks, celery leaves are also rich in vitamin C and phenols - powerful antioxidants that help in the fight against cancer and heart disease, and even aging.

9. Beet stalks

They are rich in glutamine, antioxidants and phenolic compounds. Stems are also edible, as are the leaves. They can be steamed like asparagus.

10. Peach peel

Peach skin often ends up in the bin, because not everyone likes it. Well, those who throw away the peach skin leave themselves without potassium and vitamin A, which help moisturize the skin and return it to a healthy look. Peach skin stimulates the immune system, removes toxins from the body, protects the eyes from cataracts, and also reduces the risk of developing cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

Well, if you could not bring yourself to eat peach skin, make skin peeling out of it: sprinkle sugar on the inside and gently wipe the face with it.

11. Banana peel

Banana peel is suitable not only to slip on it. She can wipe the leaves of indoor plants - it will not only polish them, but also serve as a kind of fertilizer. You can also polish your shoes with banana peel, just remember to wipe your shoes with a soft cloth.
Banana peel helps to quickly heal minor scratches and bruises, and by applying it to a mosquito bite, you will get rid of the itch.

Antioxidants in banana peel are good for health. Therefore, boil the rind for 10 minutes, and then drink the resulting "compote" or squeeze juice out of it in a juicer.

Taiwanese scientists have found that substances extracted from banana peel help to restore retinal cells and can protect the retina of the eyes. If your eyes hurt, they are tired by the end of the day - attach the banana peel to the inside for a while.

You have a migraine headache, burn, bruise, bruise or abscess. Just attach to the sore banana peel on the inner surface.
You have got natoptysh on your legs, cracks on the heels, a compress from a banana peel will help your legs, and vodka tincture of a banana peel will relieve pain in muscles and joints.

Dried banana peel, crushed into powder, is also used for the treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases, in particular for the expulsion of worms - both round (pinworms, ascaris) and tape (primarily chain).

Regular brushing of teeth with pastes prepared on the basis of banana peel, will relieve periodontal disease.

A decoction of banana peel, or the juice of a whole banana, and not just pulp, can ease the signs of depression.

Banana kvass, made from banana peel according to the method of Academician B.V. Bolotov, is an excellent means for healing the body as a whole, it will help strengthen the immune system. Academician believes this drink is a tool for cancer prevention and treatment of oncological diseases at the initial stage. During the fermentation of banana peel, mucopolysaccharides and the amino acid Tryptophan are formed, which is not formed in our body. It contributes to the rejection of sick and alien cells affected by viruses or cancer. Of the common mucopolysaccharides, we know hyaluronic acid.

Peel can be used as a cosmetic. Banana water will eliminate freckles or dark spots. Infusion placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. The resulting cubes should be in the morning, immediately after waking up, to wipe the face. When peeling skin banana peel extract will be very useful. To skin on the chest was more elastic and taut, you can put a banana peel in the bra, the inner side of the skin.

After all, banana peel is an excellent fertilizer for rose bushes. Put it in the hole near the rose bush, the rose will be grateful to you.

And most importantly - a banana peel does not give any poisoning or complications.

12. Pear peel

Throwing out a pear peel, you send a whole storehouse of vitamins and nutrients into the trash bin, which are much more in the peel than in the pulp of the pear. So you have to eat a pear with peel.