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Seven signs that it's time to change the interior


"Happiness - to go to work in the morning with a smile, and in the evening to return home with joy." We fully agree with this expression, because the house is a place where it is good, quiet, safe and comfortable. One can only add: beautiful, functional, comfortable and stylish, but everyone has periods of a special state, when there is clearly a lack of positive emotions, and the usual situation is depressing.

Today we will find out by what signs one should accurately judge that the interior requires changes and, we hope, readers will find answers to their questions.

Spring is coming

Each new season provides an excellent opportunity for all sorts of experiments, including it can provide substantial assistance in updating the interior.

The long-awaited spring will come very soon, which means it will be necessary to prepare the house for her arrival: get rid of unnecessary things, plant young plants in terracotta pots, change dense textiles with a lighter analog and make many more pleasant and useful transformations.

Spring is a great time to finally create an unusual wall panel or a beautiful headboard for a bed in the bedroom. To do this, you can use a subframe (as for an art canvas) of the desired size, and choose a dense fabric with a floral or abstract pattern. Next, stretch the fabric and fix it on the subframe, and then place the finished product in the right place.

Things got close

Oddly enough, it is precisely on the eve of spring that people often feel the need for change, which should facilitate everyday life. However, the need for better living conditions may arise at any time of the year. For example, the items that make up the wardrobe, accumulating, find a place in all rooms, and if the storage system is initially framed incorrectly, then the mess and visual chaos will be provided to the owners.

I want exotic

If the soul asks for new sensations and the so-called aesthetic "shake-up", then the interior probably lacks the characteristic things that could refresh it. We recommend to pay attention to the current tendency to use ethnic motifs of such countries as: Mexico, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Paraguay and others. Their culture and original color will undoubtedly bring a bright spark of positive emotions, and will help in reincarnating the ordinary urban interior.

Too dark

It so happens that in the pursuit of fashion trends, people make blunders when making repairs in their own apartment. After all, interior design, which looks great on the pages of a glossy edition, most likely, is not applicable in standard new buildings. In addition, before using one or another favorite idea, you should consult with a specialist: an architect, designer or artist-decorator.

Let us give an example: you chose a too dark wallpaper or paint color, but this became clear only after applying the material to the surface, that is, after the fact. But it is still possible to correct the problem if we introduce the correct light shades in the right places in time. So, if you install interior doors with a box and platbands of natural white color, then on the background of dark green, blue or chocolate walls they will become air stains, balancing the visual load of dark shades.

Also, it is better to lay a lightly woven or woven pastel shade on the floor of a dark color, and do not forget about the benefits of optical effects, for example, wallpaper with a spatial image (perspective, panorama).

Tired of extra furniture

Excess furniture even today in many houses is their negative feature, because, more often than not, the owners are simply not ready to say goodbye to those objects that have filled room space for many years, even if they didn’t make sense. But a day comes when changes are necessary due to special circumstances (replenishment in the family, or moving to a new place). In this case, it is worth thinking about, entering into a new life, bring into it only the most necessary, functional and practical things.

Wall shelves, light hanging shelves instead of cabinets in the kitchen, dressers and showcases in the living room - all this can be used with maximum benefit, and such furniture will take up quite a bit of space.

Not enough style

Each of you, dear readers, periodically thinks about a cardinal change of the image of the interior in your house, or about its partial reincarnation. After all, the same furniture, colors and location of the furniture are boring, and our vision and touch require constant nourishment.

You can make an elementary conclusion that if you feel a lack of emotions, then perhaps the interior simply lacks any style. The walls are painted in obscure shades, the wallpaper has lost its relevance, and the furniture is either too heavy and dark, or completely inconspicuous.

Refer to the World Wide Web, thematic print publication about interiors, or use the advice of a professional online, if for any reason you do not have the opportunity to pay enough attention to this issue. These sources will help you find suitable fresh ideas for interior design, and you can try to implement them on your own.

Little fire or interior without a face

Speaking of the latter, we, of course, mean the decoration, which forms the main and final impression about the atmosphere of the room. Therefore, if the need for an update took you by surprise, you can turn to the budget but effective way, and completely replace the details. Textiles, lighting, art objects, designer furniture, painting walls, decorating photographs and collections of objects, you can adopt all this and make the interior unique, fresh, unforgettable.