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Read do not re-read: how to store books in a confined space


When there are many books and little space for them, place them in an unusual way.

Books are the roads to knowledge and travels made without leaving your home, portals to other worlds and faithful companions of life, a cure for fatigue and a way to lift your spirits, self-esteem, helpers in raising children, raising animals and plants, and, of course, just entertainment. You probably want to save those that you have already read. Or, perhaps, you have to keep a lot of professional literature at home. To prevent books from turning from a source of knowledge into a source of irritation, you have to think about how to store them.

Standard ways and you, no doubt, you know. Therefore, we will try to find not banal storage examples, which will save space and decorate the apartment.

About cooking and not only

About the kitchen is usually thought of as a last resort for obvious reasons: a constant change in the temperature in the room, heat from the stove, and moisture after washing dishes. It is believed that all this affects the safety of books.

If the kitchen does not prepare daily breakfast, lunch and dinner for a family of ten people, then you have just found a great place to put some of the home library in it. All changes in temperature and humidity will significantly affect rarities, and for the latter, in any case, special storage conditions are necessary.

If you think over the space in advance, you can make a storage for books in the continuation of the table or bar. When at the same time you want to read and drink coffee, the desired is easy to find at arm's length.
This option is perfect for studio apartments. There is always room for books in the kitchen combined with the living room. From the side of the kitchen, store the utensils in the table, and organize the library on the other.

Top shelves for the placement of kitchen utensils and products are not the best place. It will not be very convenient for you to use what lies there. Whether the book is the case: you take it off the shelf, read (sometimes for months) and put it in its place. Therefore, they will not have to climb onto the stepladder as often as if they are behind a pack of pasta or rice.

Books where they sleep

Yes, reading lying in bed is harmful, but not reading is even more harmful. But what is useful is to approach the question wisely where exactly the numerous publications should be placed in the bedroom. There is a suggestion: create a suitable space under the window sill. So over time, books will not lose color when exposed to the sun, and there will be more free space on the walls.

If there is very little space in the bedroom or you want to leave more free space, it is better to build a storage system around the window. Even narrow shelves will help you attach some books.

The best solution is to make a podium for the bed, and under it, above it and on the sides of it, store your favorite fiction. Even after reading the horrors of Stephen King, you will be sure: there are only books next to the bed.

Literary lounge

Books, in principle, can be stored almost everywhere, even in the corridor. The main thing is to figure out how to make sure that they do not interfere and can be obtained easily enough. For example, the underestimated space around the doorway is great for shelving, when space seems to be completely absent. If possible, intersperse books with other objects - for example, with decorative elements. Thus, the interior will be more alive.

When books are darkness, but conscience, pity or someone from home (or even all together) does not allow getting rid of at least a part of it, take advantage of it. The covers of books are mostly multi-colored, therefore, having equipped all the walls of the room with the help of open shelves and placing the books in places, you will get a kind of multi-colored “wallpaper” from the books. And you will save on real wallpaper, because they will practically not be visible because of the books.

True, if your library consists of large monochrome literary collections like the collected works of Lenin or the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, then the “wallpaper” can turn out to be gloomy.

More modern than the shelves, the option of placing books - shelving. The main plus: they are universal. On top of the open sections, put what looks good: books and photographs, figurines and paintings. And from the bottom - what can and should be hidden with the help of baskets or mobile boxes: bed linen, clothes, personal documents.

And do not forget about the narrow long racks. They will save if there is no room for a whole bookcase at all. A pair of such racks in the bedroom area, a couple in the living room, another couple in the corridor and an extra pair in the kitchen. And now the home library has found its place in the house, and the free useful area of ​​the apartment has decreased slightly.

In addition, books can be stored:

In the table, if it is a coffee table for the living room.

On the glassed-in balcony, if you take care that the storage location is minimally affected by temperature changes.

On the windowsill: if it is wide, a part of it can be occupied by special sections for storing books.

On the shelves under the ceiling, because there no one walks, and the place is empty.

Not standard

In search of a place that does not exist, it is worth looking into the dressing room or in the closet. It's okay if the books are next to the shoes: to wash the dust from the extra shelves is less pleasant than to realize that, due to the lack of space, one of the volumes is now adjacent to a pair of shoes.

Tip: The situation with finding a home for books will be made easier by portable shelves made of ordinary wooden boxes. If their natural color does not suit you, a quick painting will fix it. You can even not make special efforts on primer, polishing and imposing layers of paint or stain: blurry uneven painting is in fashion.

Children's library

While the child is small, in the nursery (or children's corner) equip a peculiar showcase on the wall. Colorful editions will cheer up both you and the baby, and will be an excellent element of decor. In addition, the child can always get the right book himself: an open access system helps to form the first skills of independence (and your own choice, by the way)

Shelves in a niche - ideal for the nursery, because the kids are unlikely to hit the shelf or rack when they play (although children, of course, can do almost anything). Of the benefits of this option - saving space.
Less - it is better to plan such shelves at the repair stage.

For a children's loft bed is common, but if the child is not too interested to sleep at the top, better equip the library there. Yes, to get a book, he will have to climb the stairs every time. But who said that light exercise is superfluous?

The place of the bedside table in the nursery can also take a shelf - there will be a little more space for playing on the floor. Only if your child is ready to read from morning to evening, and even instead of sleep, then it is better to leave this idea unrealized. Even turned off the overhead light does not prevent him from knowing what was there in the book further (nobody canceled the lanterns under the covers).

Book bathroom

If you are one of the lucky owners of two bathrooms, you can afford to make a guest room combined with a library from one bathroom. If from time to time in this room someone will wash their hands, fiction will not suffer.

How convenient to arrange books in the apartment

Under the ceiling and under the bed, the color of the roots or on the "soaring" shelves - to find a suitable place for bookshelves is not so difficult!

Russia: Rhombus praise

And what if you play with the geometry of space and expand the library at an angle of 45 degrees? An interesting reception was realized in one of the country projects by the Russian architect Maxim Kashin: the bookshelves are made in the form of rhombuses and combined with a TV console. The space under it is not in vain - on the lower tier is also located part of the family library.

Spain: laid on its side

A cool life hack, how to place a maximum of books in a small area, can be borrowed in a Spanish project: the owner of the apartment, a big book lover, placed them not vertically, but horizontally. Plus reception - the ability to place more books, leaving no gaps. The minus is that the required volume from the lower tier is hard enough to get, so we advise you to decompose the books according to the degree of relevance: let what you really read and re-read be at the top.

USA: all colors of the rainbow

If you are the owner of an extensive collection of works and love order, try to arrange books on the color of the roots. This method is suitable for those who know their own library well and will not forget that a small volume of Pushkin should be searched for in the burgundy part of the collection. But the sensation of a color explosion from such an arrangement is guaranteed: bright shades of books will enliven even the most strict interior.

Italy: strictly vertically

A small area of ​​the apartment is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​collecting books. Even in the studio, most likely, you want to mount a zoned partition - it can be used to store books. In our Italian example, there is a shallow niche in the partition: it helps to place books as compact as possible.

Russia: books on backs

Some of us, on the contrary, are annoyed by the variegation - especially if the library is in the bedroom, where you want to surround yourself with calm shades. In this family bedroom, according to a project by Russian designer Olga Chernenko, the volumes were placed back in the roots: the owners find the book they need according to a predetermined pattern.

Denmark: a variety of genres

High demands are made on a modern library: it must not only hold literary baggage, but also decorate the interior. If it lacks dynamics, modules of various sizes and orientations will help to “stir up” the situation.

The back walls of the modules can also be different in color and texture, as in our example from Denmark, where some of the backs were left in white under the main shade of the interior, and several modules were supplemented with panels for wood.

Spain: how to beat the pylon

If there is an uncomfortable carrying pylon in the room, try turning the disadvantage to an advantage. Several open horizontal shelves can be placed between the column and the wall, which will not interfere with the natural light to penetrate into the remote corners of the room.

Denmark: egg cupboard

At first glance, it seems that a wardrobe, resembling either an egg or a figure, is a purely decorative piece. In fact, curved shelves are no less functional than straight ones, and there are exactly as many books placed under a light slant on them. If you have a desire to repeat the technique, think of an application for the hole in the middle - a vertical poster or picture will fit well into it.

Spain: a library in the wall

In the search for an optimal layout, the owners, at times, shield a separate part of a large open space. In our example from Spain, the kitchen was separated from the living room in this way, and in order to make the wall going into the common area more functional, the library was placed on it to the full height of the partition.

Russia: shelves as an art object

Time changes the traditional ideas about the home library: today the shelves do not necessarily look like horizontal bars, and sometimes take the most bizarre forms. The element of geometric diversity in the interior will help to make, for example, a library of composite panels: you can arrange them in any order, and fix the supports based on the number of volumes in your library.

Italy: extra strong construction

Some of us are familiar with the situation when a bookshelf suddenly collapses under the weight of the contents. You suspect that chipboard shelves might one day not bear the weight of an ever-growing library? Choose a metal frame: you can trust him even the most extensive collection.

UK: library under the roof

Attic floor is often perceived as the most comfortable part of a country house. The problem is that it is difficult to fill the sections at the very slope of the roof functionally - however, this is the place for the home library. Books can be arranged vertically or with a slight bias, as in this successful project from the UK.

France: vertical row

Another common layout problem is to find use for empty corners. Book collection can be a worthy answer in this case. Do not be afraid, you will not have to put books on the floor and worry that the stack will fall from each draft: a special framework with a metal stand that is not visible from the outside is used for such an arrangement.

Great Britain: little pranks

Hidden stops are used in similar modifications of bookshelves. Metal stops protect the volumes from falling, and, moreover, allow you to break the collection thematically.

USA: for localization

If you place books on separate open shelves, decorative stops will help protect books from falling. Try to experiment with humorous plots, for example, as in this American project - the main thing is that the holders themselves have enough weight.

Romania: books under the bed

Storage systems under the bed often help out the owners of small apartments. In addition to additional blankets and bedding, you can also place books here, although the bed with comfortable open drawers will most likely have to be made to order.

China: combining open shelves and closed facades

If there is not much space in the apartment, and your book collection is far from the district library, pay attention to the script from China: the designers combined storage systems for clothes and books in this apartment. The idea turned out to be successful not only because it meets the storage needs of the owners, but also due to the “breaking down” of the monotonous row of solid facades with open shelves with books. This adds dynamics to the interior.

Sweden: zoned wardrobe

Zoning a large space with a bookcase is not the freshest idea, but in order for it to work, you need to choose and assemble the cabinet wisely. The owners of this apartment in Stockholm chose a strict white wardrobe with sections of a single size - a smart move, given that the colorful roots always create a motley discord. In addition, the cupboard does not adjoin either the walls or the ceiling - there is enough room in the room for passage, and part of the room that is remote from the window does not lose natural light.

Russia: Library under the ceiling

The Russian project from the studio "ArchBaby" proves: you can always find a place for a bookshelf, there would be a desire. The bedroom has a large wardrobe for solid facades, and under the ceiling there was just a gap into which a part of the book collection fit perfectly.