Useful ideas

Mirror with built-in TV

Such a household appliance in the off state is a regular mirror, looking at which, you can not even guess that it carries all the functions inherent in the TV. Mirror with integrated screen saves space and fits perfectly into any interior.

Such devices have several advantages over conventional TVs:

  • Due to the combination of two objects in one, there is a significant savings in space.
  • The device is safe in case of sudden damage - the glass from which it is made does not shatter when struck by fragments.
  • Due to the fact that the screen is equipped with heating, it does not accumulate condensate. In addition, the surface is made of a material resistant to moisture. These two properties allow you to install a mirror with a built-in TV in any room, starting with the kitchen and ending with the bathroom.
  • This TV is very functional. Various digital media can be connected to it, as well as cable TV to the house.
  • When the screen is off the mirror is no different from the usual.

Depending on your preferences, as well as the room in which such an unusual TV is chosen, you can choose one of the presented types.

  1. A device in which the TV screen is much smaller than the mirror itself. This view can be chosen for the bathroom, where the distance from the viewer to the screen itself is very small.
  2. A device in which the TV screen is the same size as the mirror. This option is more suitable for living rooms, bedrooms or large kitchens. Such models are more expensive than mirrors with small screens.

Mirrors with built-in TV will harmoniously fit not only into the home interior. They are suitable for decoration of hotels, beauty salons and restaurants.