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Washing laminate vacuum cleaner: how to choose a suitable model?

A floor covered with laminate requires special care. If you decide to purchase a washing vacuum cleaner for cleaning such surfaces, you should carefully consider the choice. First of all, find out whether the laminate flooring in your apartment can be cleaned with a similar household appliance. Further study the technical characteristics of various models of vacuum cleaner. Pay special attention to the presence of a special nozzle, suitable for cleaning delicate coatings.

If your floor is covered with laminate, then it should not be wetted too much. It is necessary to wash such surface with a slightly damp cloth, and then wipe dry.

For poor quality coatings, do not use washing vacuum cleaners, otherwise it can quickly fail. But the premium laminate, which has a special moisture-resistant impregnation and the seams of locks treated with special wax, is quite possible to clean with the help of such household appliances.

When choosing a laminate in a hardware store, be sure to pay attention to all the characteristics of the proposed product (all information should be from the seller). You can even purchase one plate and check how the material behaves when wet. Depending on the method of manufacturing lamellas, they conclude that it is possible to use washing equipment for their cleaning.

  • DPL - laminate is manufactured using direct pressing technology. This coating should not be wetted, so it is better not to use a washing vacuum cleaner.
  • Laminate, the manufacture of which used cache technology, is not distinguished by its durability. In its production, the paper is simply impregnated with resin and then glued to the tile. Clean this laminate dry method. To get rid of complex pollution, you can use special foaming agents.
  • HPL (high pressure) - the top layer is pressed separately (it consists of several parts - plastic, decorating and kraft paper), and then glued to the plate. Such a laminate is distinguished by its durability. You can wash it, but it is advisable to do it not too often (once a week will be enough).
  • DPR is a direct printing technology. In this case, the drawing is applied directly to the plate with a special color printer. This laminate is also washed once a week.
  • CPL - laminate produced by continuous pressure. This is a fairly durable coating. When cleaning it is possible to use washing equipment.

If you are thinking about buying such a device, be sure to study the characteristics of your favorite models. In order for them to be able to wash the laminate, the vacuum cleaner must meet certain requirements. The kit should have appropriate attachments, it is desirable that this device can be carried out both dry and wet cleaning. In the passport of the vacuum cleaner should be indicated whether this device can clean the laminate. In addition to this information, be sure to look at the following details:

  • Multifunctional vacuum cleaner. Such devices, thanks to different nozzles and several modes of operation, can clean various surfaces. Actually for apartments with different types of flooring.
  • For the laminate fit the model, which has a drying function. With its help, you can quickly get rid of excess moisture on the floor.
  • The washing vacuum cleaner should not wet the laminate too much.
  • See if there is a brush specifically designed for laminate. It is best suited for such a coating, as well absorbs excess moisture.

  • Vacuum cleaner wheels - an important detail. They should be wide enough with rubber coating. In this case, they will not leave scratches on the laminate.

Overview of washing laminate vacuum cleaners

In appliance stores you can find a variety of appliances suitable for cleaning laminate flooring. Consider the most famous brand.

THOMAS Parkett Style XT.This German-made device has a lot of interchangeable nozzles, among which there are also for cleaning the most delicate, requiring careful handling of surfaces. With it, you can clean upholstery, carpets and mattresses.

Technical characteristics of this vacuum cleaner:

  • Instrument weight - 8 kg.
  • Power consumption - 1 700 watts.
  • Absorption power - 280 watts.
  • Dust collector volume - 6 liters.
  • There is an aqua filter.

Karcher SE 5.100.The country of origin is Germany. Users of this technology note good maneuverability. The disadvantage is the absence of the function of winding the cord - it has to be folded manually. Karcher vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning carpets, laminate flooring, tiles, upholstered furniture.


  • Instrument weight - 7 kg.
  • Power consumption - 1 400 watts.
  • Absorption power - 255 watts.
  • There is an aqua filter and a dust bag.

Turbo Bully RB 849 from ROWENTA.This is a French-made vacuum cleaner. Differs in its multifunctionality. It is possible to clean both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Various nozzles are included in the package.


  • The weight of the device is 7 kg.
  • Power consumption -1 600 watts.
  • Absorption power - 390 watts.
  • There is an aqua filter and a dust bag.

ZELMER 919.0 ST AQUAWELT.Multifunctional vacuum cleaner Polish manufacturers suitable for cleaning different surfaces. It has several modes of operation. They can clean not only floors, carpeting or furniture, but also light curtains. There are several interchangeable nozzles. This vacuum cleaner has an energy-saving motor.


  • Instrument weight - 8.5 kg.
  • Power consumption - 1 600 watts.
  • Suction power - 300 watts.
  • There is an aqua filter and a dust bag.

LIBERTON LVCW 4216 Silver Aqua.French vacuum cleaner for cleaning various surfaces. This device has eight filtration steps. Cleans the air in the room.


  • Device weight - 6 kg.
  • Power consumption - 1 600 watts.
  • Absorption power - 240 watts.
  • There is an aqua filter.

The range of washing vacuum cleaners is large enough. If you carefully consider the choice, you can buy really useful home appliances.