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20 original shelves to help create a trendy interior


To the attention of readers a new review, in which two dozen original shelves and wonderful examples of how these shelves could be placed in a room were collected.

Take on these tips is literally everyone.

1. Metal shelves of the correct form

Multifunctional metal construction, which can be used as a regular rack and as a holder for the lamp.

2. Wooden wall shelves

Creative wall shelves made of wood can significantly save space in a small room.

3. Modular shelving unit made from polyvinyl chloride

Modular plastic shelving for children's room, in which cells you can store toys and books.

4. Metal round shelves

Unusual round shelves that you can create from a regular metal sheet with your own hands.

5. Unusual colorful wooden shelves in the workroom

The choice of configuration and size of the shelves depends on the interior style and preferences of the owners, as well as on its functional purpose.

6. Shelves with high-tech accessories

Square wall shelves made of white painted wood will perfectly fit into the bright interior of the living room.

7. Wall cabinets

Closed wall modular furniture is ideal for a modern bedroom.

8. Bright shelves in the nursery

Bright wall shelves carry a certain meaning and affect the interior of the entire room.

9. Designer shelves in a bright living room interior

Design shelves uneven round shape, which will become a real highlight of the interior.

10. Original bookcase

In a modern interior the bookcase can occupy one of the central places, turning the home library into a spectacular decoration.

11. Wooden wall shelves

Three ordinary wooden shelves, fastened with a metal frame.

12. Modular shelving light color

Modular shelving looks no less impressive, although they require a sufficient area.

13. 3D shelving for books and accessories

Transforming 3D rack of light wood.

14. Accent shelves

Bright yellow wall shelves that stand out as a contrasting spot in the interior of the living room.

15. Rectangular wall shelves

Non-traditional bookshelves that are rectangular in shape and consist of wooden beams.

16. Modular furniture in the interior

Wooden rack of square and rectangular shelves.

17. Triangular shelves

Triangular wall shelves that can be easily replaced or rearranged will allow you to quickly and easily change the interior of the living room.

18. Wall Composition

Unusual wall composition of wooden shelves for true fans of creative design.

19. Accent wall shelves

The combination of light green and yellow in the interior of the living room.

20. Square shelves of different sizes

Bright modular wall shelves that immediately attract the attention of guests.