Useful ideas

20 examples of comfortable places by the window, which will save space in the interior and will please the eye


In any room of the house where there is a wide window sill and allows space, you can create a cozy place to relax - the so-called window seat.

Such a corner for relaxation will decorate any room and create a truly cozy atmosphere in it.

1. Home comfort

Beautiful warm and cozy atmosphere in the room with a comfortable place to stay on the windowsill.

2. Tender dream

Interesting design of the room in blue with a window seat, which adorns the overall picture of the room.

3. Loggia spaces

The loggia around its entire perimeter is framed with a comfortable window seat - for even greater comfort.

4. Creamy tenderness

The decoration of the hallway in gentle colors with a place to relax by the window, which looks very practical and beautiful.

5. Bright colors

Bright mini-sofa on the windowsill - this is what really looks stylish.

6. White mood

The design of the room in snow-white color with an incredibly comfortable sofa on the windowsill.

7. Cherry corner

In the small cozy living room, the window seat can replace a sofa or become another sitting place.

8. Panoramic view from the window

A cozy window seat is specially equipped for relaxing and pleasant warm conversations.

9. Pastel colors

A comfortable mini-couch is located on the windowsill, and outside the window is just a gorgeous view.

10. Home library

Comfortable window seat is equipped in the home library, in order to want to read even more books.

11. Cozy place under the roof

Excellent sofa by the window under the roof of the house, which will become a favorite place to relax.

12. Tenderness in space

A cool couch near the window, especially for relaxation and emotional conversations.

13. Brown and white paint

Minimalism in the interior design with a lovely sofa by the window.

14. Emerald City

To save space in the bedroom, you can create a cozy window seat on the windowsill.

15. Home furnishings

Comfortable sofa by the window specifically for reading books and relaxing.

16. Far horizons

Great view from the window, and the ability to sit comfortably on a wide window seat.

17. A place for needlework

A great place specifically for practicing needlework.

18. Secret place to read

A cozy window seat will allow you to truly relax from all affairs and problems.

19. Chocolate and creamy paradise

The resting place is decorated in chocolate and cream tones and will please the eye.

20. Home comfort

A secluded window seat specifically for a pleasant stay.