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10 mistakes in kitchen design

Creating a kitchen interior for the majority is a difficult and costly task, in terms of effort, time and money. That is why it is so important to think over the situation carefully, choosing high-quality materials, furniture and equipment that will surely justify their purpose in further exploitation.

Below are some, especially significant moments in the arrangement of the kitchen, which can affect the convenience and practicality of the kitchen. We will try to explain how to prevent these or other errors, or effectively correct them.

Impractical floor

In the kitchen, we constantly perform such actions, as a result of which the quality and appearance of the coatings may deteriorate. Here something is constantly boiling, pouring onto the floor, and hitting its surface, which means that its aggressive effect must withstand its surface.

Unfortunately, such materials as:

  1. laminate, because of excessive moisture its seams are deformed;
  2. wood flooring or parquet - it absorbs fluids, greasy stains, does not tolerate cleaning with chemical agents, and it is simply a pity to use it in a specific, especially small room;
  3. inexpensive ceramic tiles, - chips are left on it after drops of large dishes and appliances.


It is better to revet the floor in the kitchen with a reliable, practical, wear-resistant material, such as porcelain stoneware, or durable tiles. If you still want to see a wooden floor in your kitchen, we recommend combining two types of floors. At the same time, in the field of processing and cooking, it is better to use durable washable material (porcelain stoneware), and parquet or laminate flooring is suitable for the dining area.

Low illumination of the working area

Without proper lighting along the kitchen countertop with a sink and stove, the kitchen can not be left. Otherwise, not only the quality of food can suffer, but also your eyesight, the health of the muscles of the neck and back.


If it is impossible to mount the backlight in the already installed furniture, then you can hang a couple of wall sconces, put table lamps, or use lamps-suspensions on long cords to illuminate the necessary area more qualitatively.

Microwave above stove

Such a placement of this device can be called, at least, strange and unjustified, moreover, the appearance of the oven will be spoiled by the bloom of greasy spray from preparing dishes.


The area above the stove should be occupied by a good exhaust, and the microwave should be placed away, for example, in a closet, on a hanging shelf, in the case of a kitchen island or in a sideboard.

No hood

One of the most significant drawbacks of the modern kitchen in the apartment is the lack of ventilation, namely, the hood over the stove. The most fashionable and pretentious design of the room is not worth it so that you deny yourself the acquisition and installation of this absolutely necessary device.


If you are confused by the appearance of the hood, as a whole, you can hide it in the case of a hanging cabinet, in a decorative box in the form of a furnace turn, or purchase a telescopic hood that will be compactly assembled after use.

Plate by the window

Installing a hob or high-grade stove directly near the window means to act thoughtlessly and unwisely. And all because in this way the view from the window will be closed, and the glass will be covered with impartial splashes, and sweat from steam even if there is an exhaust.


The window can have a sink, - then it will be more pleasant for you to do the routine washing of dishes, looking at the landscape outside the window. Also, the working table top near the window should be decorated with fresh flowers, put cooking books here, a beautiful service. For the slab, it is better to select an area near the wall, between the windows or in the corner.

Work area without apron

No matter how powerful the hood is, it cannot completely save you from the need to periodically clean the surfaces of the walls, especially along the working table top. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave a surface on it without a protective coating, called an apron.


A kitchen apron is needed in the zone of cooking, washing, and processing food. Ideally, it should protect the surface of the wall along the entire worktop. It is better to use traditional ceramic tiles for this purpose, but modern glass aprons are not worse - they facilitate the process of washing the surface, as they are mounted without a large number of seams.

Many open shelves

The various sets of tableware and the presence of stylish kitchen accessories do not justify the installation of hanging shelves around the perimeter of the upper part of the working area of ​​the kitchen. It is noteworthy that it is not recommended to install shelves near the plate at all, since they, and all objects placed on the surface, are covered with a layer of dust, soot and fat, losing all their charm.


Open shelves are appropriate in the area above the sink, at the window or on the opposite side of the cutting surface. As for the rest, if you want to show off beautiful items, use for this purpose cabinets with glass doors.

Non functional furniture

Such a popular, and desirable for many, kitchen island, sometimes not worth it to occupy a useful area. If this object is needed, only in order to lay out on it the products purchased in the store, or with a decorative purpose, refuse to purchase on time.


The island is suitable, first of all, in spacious kitchens, but even here it should have several useful properties at once: serve as a place for cooking (with a sink, a cutting surface or a stove), or accommodate various kitchen accessories and appliances in the hull, collect two to four people for a meal.

Sophisticated devices

Flood light in the form of exquisite, richly decorated chandeliers with pendants, a large number of lampshades and other accessories should be left for living rooms or hallways. In the kitchen, they will keep the pristine cleanliness for a while, and it will be very difficult to clean the beads and garlands from the dark bloom.


In the kitchen, any object should be, above all, practical, and easy to operate and maintain. Therefore, the lighting should be purchased concise, simple form and small size. We recommend avoiding the purchase of deeply grooved or perforated plafonds, as they accumulate dust and dirt more intensively.

Cold tones only

Beautiful colors of cold colors in the kitchen will not contribute to good appetite and bright mood (especially on a cloudy day). And the desire to quickly leave the room will increase with the approach of rain or snow.


To insist on a complete rejection of a beautiful blue, blue, purple or azure shade would be the same mistake if these colors are your favorite. But in the interior of the kitchen it is better to combine them with the warm natural tones of wood, burnt land, sunny faces and natural greenery.