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15 unexpected decisions in the use of baby powder


Baby powder is an incredibly useful and inexpensive remedy that should certainly be in every home.

She will easily solve at least 15 adult problems.

1. Clean your pet

We clean the pet

Baby powder can be safely used to clean your pet as a dry shampoo. The nerves of the owner and the animal will remain intact, because no one will need to forcefully pull into the bathroom.

2. We freshen sheets

We refresh sheets

On hot summer nights, you should lightly sprinkle the sheets with baby powder, which will absorb sweat and allow the sheets to stay fresh and cool.

3. We save clothes

Saving clothes

Baby powder miraculously absorbs fat, so if a piece of meat fell on your favorite blouse, you should urgently sprinkle the stain with powder.

4. We freshen books

Refreshing books

Old books can be brought back to life by sprinkling them with baby powder. It will absorb moisture, help get rid of the fungus and give the books a fresh look.

5. Color eyelashes

Paint eyelashes

If before applying mascara lightly powdered eyelashes baby powder, they will be incredibly voluminous and fluffy.

6. Get rid of the rubbing

If the inner surface of the thighs is rubbed while walking, then it is better to powder these places before long walks with baby powder.

7. Get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes

We get rid of the unpleasant smell of shoes

If there is an unpleasant smell from the shoes, you should sprinkle baby powder inside them and leave them for the night.

8. Rattling floor

Creaky floor

If the floor squeaks, sprinkle it with baby powder and sweep it in the cracks. Now there will be no squeak. Mystic.

9.Wearing with ants

Fight with the moov

Ants do not like the smell of baby powder at all, so it is worth sprinkling it a little around doors or windows.

10. Facilitating depilation

Facilitate depilation

Depilation wax can not be called a pleasant procedure. To relieve the pain, you need to powder the feet of baby powder. In addition, it will help to avoid burns.

11. We fix makeup

Fix the makeup

Baby powder is quite able to replace expensive powder and miraculously fix makeup.

12. Freshen up

Freshen up

Baby powder wonderfully cope with the work of deodorant, it will easily absorb sweat and relieve unpleasant odor.

13.Freshing the animal tray

Refreshing the animal tray

To quickly refresh the tray of the animal, you just need to sprinkle it with baby powder.

14.Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo

If you mix in equal proportions baking soda and baby powder, you can get a great dry shampoo.

15. Favorite smell

Favorite smell