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13 design solutions, how to turn a small bathroom into a spacious


A small bathroom does not always mean lack of comfort and crampedness. Properly chosen layout, furniture and a few small things will help to organize the space and make the bathroom not only bigger, but also prettier.

We share cunning design solutions to successfully transform a small bathroom into a spacious one.

1. Light colors

Light-colored furniture favorably transforms small rooms, including bathrooms.

2. Shelf for things above the door

A shelf above the door is a great way to use space without cluttering it.

3. Extra storage space

No need to buy an extra locker in a small room - the shelves in the bathroom casing will do a great job with storing things

4. Organizer on the wall

A convenient organizer of the jars will help keep everything you need at your fingertips and will not take up much space.

5. Shelves above the toilet

Another option to optimize the space - the shelves above the toilet: so they will not take up much space in the bathroom.

6. Shelves behind the mirror

The mirror not only visually expands the space, but also hides shelves for things, solving the problem of additional space.

7. Transparent shower

Transparent walls of the shower are visually pushed aside by the wall, and in combination with light colors of the bathroom this option will be even more advantageous.

8. Large mirror

Mirrors are a great way to visually expand the space, and it works not only in ordinary rooms, but also in the bathroom.

9. Corner sink

When every centimeter counts, you should think about plumbing, which will help save more space. The corner sink is a good example.

10. Built-in shelves

In a small bathroom, I don’t want to clutter the space with extra lockers, and the built-in shelves do a good job of storing things.

11. Sink over washing machine

A simple but not always obvious way to save space is a sink placed above the washing machine. Conveniently, and the appearance of the bathroom from such a "union" will not suffer.

12. Proper storage of things

Even such a small space as a cabinet under the sink should be used to the maximum.

Another option for storing things in the bathroom is a stand with several shelves.

13. Planning

Already at the planning stage, you can think about how best to use a small space. For example, to give preference to the soul or to properly position the plumbing.


If there is very little space in the bathroom, this does not prevent them from cleverly disposing - here they have successfully proved it.