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18 practical and original things for the house, at the sight of which I want to say: "Give me two"

There are big things that most people use every day, and there are seemingly mere trifles that make life much easier and more pleasant.

This review contains original and very practical things that are definitely not redundant in every home.

1. Bucket for cords and carriers

Organizer for cords and carriers.

Stylish unusual organizer in the form of a bin designed for storing and using various cords, carriers and extenders.

2. Capacity for toothpicks

Stand for toothpicks.

Charming stand for toothpicks, made in the form of a miniature pot with cactus, will be a wonderful detail of the kitchen and a real decoration of the table.

3. Car hooks

Hooks that are attached under the headrest.

Small hooks that are attached under the headrests of the front visions are perfect for placing bags, outerwear, children's clothes, food bags and will make trips much more comfortable.

4. Broom and dustpan

Dining broom and dustpan.

A small broom brush and a bright scoop will help to quickly remove crumbs and food residues from the kitchen or any other table and will become an original alternative to the usual rag.

5. Potato peeler

Brush for cleaning young potatoes.

The original tool with a stiff brush for quick and efficient cleaning of new potatoes.

6. Pizza ax

Pizza knife.

A creative pizza knife made in the form of a small hatchet is a perfect gift for lovers of this delicious Italian dish.

7. Confectionery pencil

Pencil with cream.

Confectionery pencil, with which you can easily decorate the cake or pastries with a neat pattern or inscription.

8. Organizer for brushes

Brush stand.

A cute whale-shaped organizer designed for storing toothbrushes, pasta tubes and razors will become a cute bathroom item.

9. Drinking bowl for dogs

Mobile drinking bowl for dogs.

A small device in the form of a funnel, which in two accounts will turn any bottle into a convenient travel drinker for a dog.

10. Screwdrivers

The envelope in the form of bears.

Charming screwdrivers in the form of funny bears with a lot of removable nozzles will become a real decoration of the house.

11. Shelf

Design shelf.

Designer shelf-cylinder, made of light wood, will become a stylish detail of any modern bedroom or hallway.

12. Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag in the form of a shark.

Creative soft cozy sleeping bag in the form of a shark will be a favorite place to sleep, not only in the campaign, but also at home.

13. Milk jug

Glass jug of milk.

A jug in the form of packaging for milk, made of transparent glass, will be a real highlight of the table and a wonderful gift for lovers of various unusual things for the house.

14. Mixer

The mixer in the form of the plane.

Stunning faucet in the form of an airplane will be a real highlight of the bathroom and a great alternative to a boring faucet.

15. Silicone cover

A set of silicone caps.

Bright silicone lids that allow you to store unfinished drinks and not allow them to lose their taste.

16. Toilet roll holder

The holder of toilet paper in the form of a knight.

The holder in the form of a knight will help you conveniently organize the storage of toilet paper and will be an effective part of the bathroom.

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17. Hammock

Hammock for legs.

A bright hammock for the legs, which can be fixed under a desk, will make the workplace much more comfortable and cozier.

18. Smoke detector

Bird smoke detector.

The smoke detector in the form of a charming bird will become not only a functional component of the house, but also its decoration.

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