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19 immaculately cozy living rooms, where you can escape from the vanity of the world


Living room - this is the place where you can feel in the circle of your family or retire in a secluded corner to be alone with yourself.

Therefore, it is so important what will be the interior of this room.

In this review, collected two dozen great ideas that are not difficult to implement in your own home.

1. Green sofa

A cozy living room with a spectacular green sofa.

The cozy interior of a modern living room with blue walls, wooden floor, vintage cabinets, a luxurious corner green sofa, original paintings and patterned carpets, which have become the real focal points that set the tone for the whole space.

2. Black and white cinema

Calm living room with black and white paintings.

Elegant, laconic interior of the living room, decorated in white and gray tones, with a classic brown leather sofa that looks very impressive against the light walls, creative chandelier, plants and a lot of black and white paintings that make this space mysterious, creative and unique.

3. touching tenderness

Charming living room in pastel colors.

Wonderful black and white living room with an elegant gray sofa, round tables, white carpet, an unusual floor lamp, flowers in miniature pots and a stunning picture that has become the focal center of this bright space.

4. Bohemian chic

Original living room in the style of boho.

Light and airy interior of a boho-style living room with a laconic gray sofa, open bookshelves on the walls, a sleeping place hidden behind light white curtains, patterned carpet in vintage style, lots of plants and garlands hung around the perimeter that create an atmosphere of romance, holiday and intimacy.

5. Fairy Tale

Unusual living room in the bohemian style.

Stylish black and white living room in modern style.

Stylish and functional interior of the living room with an accent wall painted in monochrome black and decorated with a bio fireplace, a snow-white corner sofa, a coffee table, a stylish leather chair, wooden thumbs and a creative lamp in a geometric style.

7. Active print

Dynamic living room with original wallpaper.

Dynamic and cheerful interior of the living room, which was created using original wallpaper with an active print, the minimum set of furniture necessary for a comfortable stay and a few contrast details.

8. Jeans

Living room with blue accents.

A cozy living room with an accent blue wall, a vintage shelf, a classic white sofa, a leather armchair, a coffee table made of transparent plastic and lots of bright little things that make the interior rich, interesting and dynamic.

9. Heavenly blue

Living room in blue and yellow tones.

The wonderful living room is decorated mainly in blue with a compact sofa, a lot of original cabinets and tables, and a huge number of interesting details of red and yellow that dilute the solid interior, making it interesting and bright.

10. Weightlessness

Spacious living room with hammock.

Spacious living room with snow-white decoration, creating an atmosphere of purity and weightlessness, a bright corner sofa, a contrast chair, a black decorative fireplace and a hammock, which has become a real highlight of this reserved space.

11. Multifunctional interior

Stylish and functional living room interior in neutral colors.

A wonderful living room, decorated in neutral colors, with a laconic gray sofa, an abundance of wooden furniture and a lot of wonderful decorative details that make this space bright and original.

12. Powder shades

Luxurious living room in pink and gold tones.

Elegant living room with stunning walls of muted pink hues, two soft armchairs, a designer table and golden lamps that create an atmosphere of wealth and luxury.

13. Loft

Loft style living room.

Spectacular living room, decorated in today's popular loft style, which is expressed in brick wall decoration, original open shelves, adjacent to comfortable modern furniture.

14. Modern classics

Elegant bright living room in modern style.

Amazing living room with original accent wall decoration, a delightful black sofa, gray carpet, knitted ottoman, wonderful textile details and an abundance of living plants.
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15. The magic of white

Small living room in bright colors.

A small modern living room with white walls, a corner sofa of noble gray color, a coffee table, open shelves and bright textiles will be the ideal solution for active young people.

16. Total white

Tiny snow-white living room.

A delightful living room, the walls of which are painted with snow-white paint, which smoothed the corners and made it possible to significantly increase the space, with compact light-colored furniture, a built-in bio fireplace, decorative wood panel and a large picture, which became the focal points of this unique interior.

17. Cheerful atmosphere

Small cheerful living room.

A small living room with neutral unobtrusive walls, a simple black sofa, a modern armchair of a pleasant green color and bright creative details in the form of sofa cushions, paintings and a floor lamp that make the interior fresh, dynamic and cheerful.

18. Mix texture

Living room with original wall decoration.

Minimalistic living room, the highlight of which was an unusual combination of white smooth finish with rough stonework.

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