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Natural wood in the interior: 20 great ideas to transform living space

Natural wood is an eco-friendly and affordable material. And even if there are a huge number of modern erasers on the market, many people prefer wood.

And it is worth noting that the result is simply amazing. With natural wood, you can zone the space, trim the walls and make the decor. It turns out just great!

1. Wall of expensive wood

A wall of natural and expensive wood at the head of the bed can transform the interior of any bedroom.

2. Zoning space

For the functional separation of space, you can use natural wood, which will perfectly fit into any modern interior.

3. Spily in the interior

Cuts of different types of wood are often used to decorate walls.

4. Stylish gray

Natural wood is a classic material for home improvement.

5. Carved decor

Decorative wooden products from expensive wood today are valued especially highly.

6. Floors made of natural wood.

Floors made of natural wood remain the most sought-after floor covering for residential premises.

7. Ideal base for coat hangers.

Natural wood can be an excellent base for wall hangers.

8. Universal material

Wood is a versatile material for building and finishing.

9. The wall of wooden slats

The wall of wooden slats is a great solution for all lovers of eco-style.

10. Natural materials

The use of decorative and natural wood is one of the main interior trends in 2017.

11. Ecostyle in the interior

Panels of wood species, which are rarely used in furniture production.

13. Wooden bathroom finish

With the help of dark wood you can not only transform the bathroom, but also make it more comfortable.

14. Reiki from natural wood

Wall slats made of natural wood as elements of eco-style in a modern interior.

15. Spectacular wall decoration

The modern idea of ​​finishing the wall at the head of the bed in the bedroom

16. Do it yourself wall decoration

The wooden decoration of the wall in the room will be able to revive it and give a special mood to the whole interior.

17. Exclusive interior using natural materials

The use of natural wood in the interior is always a winning and unusual solution.

18. Wooden partition for space zoning

A partition of wood for zoning space, which will fit almost any style.

19. Cozy and warm atmosphere

A lot of wooden elements in the interior of the bedroom will help create a cozy and warm atmosphere.

20. Modern interior and natural materials

As a contrast, you can use dark woods.