Useful ideas

Useful tips to help sensibly use the space of the apartment


Sometimes not so much footage apartment, as the way in which he owned the meters owned by the apartment owner.

This review contains the most creative, original and rational ways to use living and useful space.

1. Corner Drying for Cookware

Corner drying for dishes, which will allow you to save as much space as possible near the sink.

2. Bathroom door

The door of the bathroom with a glass insert will add light and visually increase the space.

3. whatnot in the toilet

Toiletries and detergents can be stored on the shelf behind the toilet.

4. The space under the bathroom

Bath with built-in cabinets and drawers will save space and help you to place a lot of necessary things.

5. Wicker baskets

Bath towels can be stored in wicker baskets attached to the wall.

6. Bed with drawers

A bed with built-in drawers will allow to get rid of unnecessary cabinets, cluttering the space of the room.

7. Retractable beds

Children's beds, hidden in the podium, are perfect for a small room.

8. Multifunctional furniture

Smart furniture is the most practical solution for small apartments.

9. Corner walk-in closet

Roomy corner walk-in closet will help optimally use, usually empty, space.

10. Open closet

The empty wall in the room can be equipped with an open dressing room for often-worn clothes and shoes.

11. Shelves for shoes

Shelves, nailed to the wall in the V-shaped way, a great place to store shoes.

12. Mirror wall

The mirror wall will visually enlarge even the smallest room.

13. Laundry basket

Compact laundry basket, which, if necessary, can be folded and hidden in any slot.

14. Cabinet in the pantry

Even the smallest pantry can be turned into a workplace.

15. Furniture on legs

In order to visually enlarge the space of a small room, it is better to choose furniture that is standing on legs.

16. Built-in furniture

Built-in furniture will allow you to place everything you need in the apartment and at the same time to maximize free space.