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10 signs of a "smart" interior that does not require daily cleaning


Sometimes it seems that a stylish interior in which it will be easy to maintain order is a pipe dream.

However, this is not the case.

We collected 10 secrets of the interior, which always reigns clean.

1. Smooth surfaces

The surfaces of the interior should be as smooth as possible, because it is in the seams and joints that the most dirt accumulates. This is especially true of large areas - walls and floors.

Choosing a laminate, you should give preference to the options. without chamfer, get a seamless tile - with clear cut edges that form a very narrow technical joint.

2. Color

Visually clean helps to maintain color. The ideal choice for the floor is neutral shades of medium gray. In color, they are close to dust and do not create as obvious contrast as black or glossy light-colored coatings, which “keep” the history of each step.

3. Dark tile grout

If the seams on the tile are still there, then the grout is chosen to be darker than the coating. This not only looks more aesthetically pleasing, but also prevents stains in the seams.

4. Down with dust collectors

Statues and souvenirs are a real disaster from the point of view of the ideal order, because dust accumulates on them, and it is problematic to wash all the accessories in the house. It makes sense to hide them behind the cabinets or chest of drawers, leaving only those that are especially dear to you.

5. Refusal of ceiling light on the ceiling

The popular light in the past creates a lot of problems for its owners. There accumulates a huge amount of dust, which turns the cleaning into anguish.

6. Practical upholstery

In the struggle for cleanliness, leather sofas and armchairs will be a great helper. They simply wipe with a damp cloth. If you still prefer textiles, then choose models of upholstered furniture with removable covers that can be washed in a typewriter.

7. Fight the slots

This applies not only to the floor and tiles, but to all surfaces in general. For example, a kitchen set and built-in wardrobes should fit snugly not only against the walls, but also against the ceiling. Only technological gaps remain. Firstly, space is so much more rational. Secondly, you save yourself from littering on the cabinets. Another option is to make a tight box over the lockers at the repair stage, in which the kitchen air duct is also hidden.

8. Smooth kitchen fronts

They are the easiest to wash. Light shades are preferable - fingerprints are not so noticeable on them as on the dark doors of the lockers. Perhaps it is not for nothing that white facades are so popular with Scandinavian mistresses?

9. Waiver of carpet

Carpets and carpet will become giant dust collectors and will bring a lot of trouble. In addition, there are many technologies "warm floors", and carpets as a means of cold, it is possible to leave in the past.

10. Minimalism

This style is ideal in terms of cleaning. It combines smooth surfaces, laconic colors and a philosophy of avoiding unnecessary parts and decorations.