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19 great ideas for decorating small cozy balconies and loggias


19 great ideas for decorating small cozy balconies and loggias

Attention readers a small overview, which was collected almost two dozen photos showing how to organize the space on your own balcony.

All of these tips will definitely help make your home even better than it is! Enjoy watching.

1. Extra room

Bright lounge on the loggia.

Luxurious light loggia, separated from the room by stylish sliding doors, with a charming low sofa and a compact high table, which is perfect for tea or for working at the computer.

2. Scandinavian style

Narrow loggia in the Scandinavian style.

A stunning narrow loggia, decorated in bright colors, with a narrow bar, modern chairs, a small vertical garden on the wall and a fantastic hanging chair, which will become a favorite place to relax in the warm season.

3. Provence

Narrow loggia in Provence style.

Wonderful loggia in Provence style with original decoration of artificial stone and plaster, huge panoramic windows, wicker chair and an abundance of flowers.

4. Country style

Balcony with elements of country style.

A cozy balcony with a simple table and a bench for meals in a narrow circle, a white wardrobe for storing all kinds of things and an abundance of assorted plants in pots.

5. Loft

Loft style balcony.

A narrow loggia in the loft style with wooden trim, panoramic windows, an elegant black chest of drawers and a small dining area with a table and chairs are the best way to design a cozy space with minimal costs.

6. Rustik

Loggia in rustic style.

A stylish loggia with white brick walls, a window-sill-bar counter made of solid wood and a pair of high chairs will be a great place for evening get-togethers with friends.

7. Extraordinary solution

Bright loggia with a hammock.

A non-standard example of a loggia design with several shelves in a niche and a stunning hammock in which you can nap, read or admire the stars in warm clear days.

8. Elegance

Elegant loggia with wicker furniture.

An elegant loggia, separated from the room by a sliding glass partition, with light wicker furniture, a glass round table and an open shelving for storing and displaying decorative objects.

9. Cozy simplicity

Open balcony with an armchair.

An open cozy balcony with a single chair, a thick curtain, a bright carpet and several decorative vases can be a favorite place for solitude and rest in the warm season.

10. Coffee house

Open balcony with console table.

A small open balcony with a tiny console table and a pair of wrought-iron chairs is perfect for morning meals and tea in the open air.

11. Handy materials

Balcony with a sofa from the pallet.

Charming open-air balcony with a cozy sofa made of pallets, a small table, chairs and original lighting.

12. Humble space

Stylish interior of a tiny balcony.

A tiny open-air balcony with light-colored furniture, an original hanger from the stairs and a contrasting black floor that added dynamics to this modest space and became its original detail.

13. Classic

Loggia in traditional style.

A magnificent loggia in a traditional style with original wall decorations, a classic sofa, a folding table and lots of flowers in pots will be an ideal place to relax in a quiet atmosphere.

14. The illusion of space

Narrow loggia with an accent wall.

A narrow loggia with light walls, a built-in wooden sofa, a folding table and an accent wall decorated with photo wallpapers with a perspective that visually increase the volume of space.

15. Minimalism

Loggia with minimal amenities.

Glazed loggia, wicker chair, bookshelf - everything you need to arrange a comfortable place to read.

16. Inspiring panorama

Bright balcony with a bar.

Wonderful loggia, decorated in a trendy Scandinavian style with a narrow bar-sill, wooden chairs and shelves for storing all sorts of things.

17. Recreation area

A good example of zoning loggia.

An amazing glazed loggia with a compact bar counter, a bookcase in a niche and a convenient built-in sofa will be the best place for a comfortable rest at any time of the year.

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18. Fashionable bar

Balcony with a bar.

A stylish loggia with an accent wall of a pleasant brown shade, a window sill, the table top of which serves as a bar counter and several high chairs will become the same place for meeting with friends and evening get-togethers with loved ones.

19. The whole

Loggia combined with a room.

The light loggia, separated from the room by a small bar counter, with walls of pleasant light green color and a small soft sofa, will be a wonderful continuation of the living space and a comfortable place for solitary rest.

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