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Living room with bedroom: How not to turn a room into a "train station"

Many people know firsthand what a small apartment, in which every square meter is worth its weight in gold. It is here that we have to wrestle with how to arrange everything in order to get the main functional zones.

One of the real outputs is to combine the bedroom and the living room. These 19 cool examples clearly show how to make sure that the room does not turn into a “train station”.

1. Hidden bedroom

Living room with a hidden bed.

A small living room with white walls, modern wall cabinets, a sofa and a table located on a low podium with a pull-out bed.

2. The standard of elegance

Elegant living room with bedroom behind the curtain.

Spacious elegant living room with white brick walls, built-in shelves, filled with beautiful statuettes and decor items, a neutral gray corner sofa, large carpet in blue-gray tones and a cozy sleeping area with a simple wooden bed hidden behind thick white curtains.

3. Simplicity and functionality

Simple room in neutral colors.

A small room with neutral gray wallpaper on the walls, a cozy sofa and a bed separated from the main square of the room with the help of a wardrobe.

4. Contrast combination

Contrasting interior of one room.

Spectacular design of a modern one-room apartment with original walls decorated with light wooden planks, a black sofa in the living room area and a bed hidden behind a luxurious black curtain.

5. The magic of white

A peculiar space in white.

A room with snow-white walls, a sofa, a bed in a niche and an abundance of original small things that look very impressive against the white walls and create a unique atmosphere.

6. Cozy nest

Cozy nest with elements of Scandinavian style.

Wonderful bright space with a living area, an elegant sofa, a carpet, an abundance of flower arrangements in pots and a sleeping place located in a small niche behind the curtains.

7. Raid carelessness

Snow-white room in the girl's style.

A spacious room with light walls, a snow-white sofa, a coffee table made of glass, a bed in a niche, a huge number of photos on the wall and an original floor coat hanger that separates the living room and sleeping area.

8. Laconic design

A small bedroom combined with a living room.

Wonderful interior of a small room that combines a place to sleep and an area for relaxing and receiving guests. The white decoration of the walls and the floor makes this room visually larger and lighter, the light curtain separates two functional areas, and bright textiles and decorative objects make this space dynamic and cheerful.

9. Modern classics

Modern space, zoned using the rack.

A standard room with a high-quality light finish that visually expands the space, an elegant black sofa, a miniature table, a TV area and a high rack, behind which is a sleeping area with a comfortable modern bed.

10. Cover Interior

The delightful interior of a classic living-bedroom.

Magnificent living room with designer furniture and a sleeping area located behind a low plasterboard partition.

11. Loft

Living room-bedroom in loft style.

Modern interior of the room in the popular loft style with brick walls, textured gray sofa, a table and a small bedroom with a bed and a desk hidden behind a thick black curtain.

12. Vertical

The original interior in the Scandinavian style.

A tiny room with a sofa, a round table and a bed under the ceiling is a great example of competently using square meters in a one-room apartment.

13. Male interior

Male interior one-room apartment.

The stylish interior of the men's room, combined with a balcony, with blue walls, a large bed, a comfortable gray sofa, a wooden table and small details in a loft style. Such a design solution is perfect for decoration bachelor odnushki.

14. Total white

Small room in total white color.

The unusual interior of the living room, combined with the bedroom, with snow-white walls, furniture of the same color, an abundance of plants and textile details that create dynamics and make this space stylish and alive.

15. Partition

Living-bedroom, separated by a partition.

The laconic interior of a modern room with a neutral finish, a compact sofa of muted blue color, bright posters on the wall and an original translucent partition, behind which is a large double bed.

16. Cheerful space

Cheerful interior living room adjacent to the bedroom.

A standard room with neutral wallpaper, decorated with an unobtrusive print, a corner sofa, a fluffy carpet, narrow lockers, a shelf and a bed hidden behind a low partition is a perfect example of organizing space and zoning a simple room in a Khrushchev.

17. Blooming interior

Stylish room in peach tones.

A wonderful little room decorated in salad and peach tones, with soft sofas, a working area on the podium and a roll-out bed.

18. Minimalism

Minimalistic room in cream colors.

Laconic interior of the living room, combined with a bedroom with a minimum set of furniture in pleasant cream colors.

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19. Two in one

Living room with built-in bed by the window.

A small bright living room with a classic corner sofa and a built-in bed located near the window.

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