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10 reasons why people so diligently keep house trash and can not get rid of it


The year is nearing completion, so it's time to think about unloading your apartment and getting rid of old unnecessary things. So you will breathe easier, and you will be able to pamper yourself with new clothes.

We collected the top 10 most frequent excuses that people use to avoid parting with an old stretched sweater, children's handicrafts and applications, newspapers that my grandmother subscribed to, and Chinese trinkets bought in Paris to commemorate an unforgettable journey to the most romantic city on the ground. Right - practical tips on how to beat the trash!

1. Be afraid to show disrespect for the memory of a loved one

The service received as a gift from your beloved grandmother may come in handy at the cottage, but will litter the city apartment.

Randy Frost, a professor of psychology at the liberal arts college Smith of Massachusetts, explains that people often feel responsible for the safety of things received as a gift or inherited from loved ones. In case you have to get rid of things, a person subconsciously fears that with such a gesture he kills memory and negates respect. To avoid such thoughts, you need to remember the true meaning of gifts.

"When you get a gift- says the professor - it is your duty to receive a gift and thank the donor, and not to keep this thing for the rest of your life. Ask yourself: how many things do I really need to keep the memory of a person dear to me alive? "

The professor advises to select only a few of the most valuable things that would be clearly associated with the donor, and all the rest - to give to those who need them more than you. It is these (the most important things) position in a prominent place, and, feeling the need, return to them again and again.

2. Still hoping that the trash will be antiques

Grandma's bakelite bracelet is unlikely to be antiques.

Old tickets for concerts and movies are best kept in the trash.

3. Experience that these things will still be useful to you.

Traveling suitcase is an effective technique to find unwanted clothes in your wardrobe.

Leaving clothes for the future, people feel protected, even if they don’t wear these things for years. If your closet is full of clothes, then psychologists suggest resorting to a simple but effective exercise "Suitcase for a trip." Pack two suitcases of things as if you were leaving for a month on a business trip and were worried about a possible change in the weather, and that you need to remember to put on a formal suit that you can wear for the occasion. The rest of the stuff in another room. If this month you have a need to put on something of those things that you did not put in your suitcase, then report as necessary. After a month, evaluate what you really used: most likely, you will be convinced that you wore only a few basic items from your wardrobe.

Even if this experiment does not convince you to part with old clothes, then collect in a few bags everything that you rarely wear. Remove these bags in the attic with a note open in a year. If in a year you have no reason to remember the contents of the packages, then the separation will no longer seem so unjustified.

4. You can not part with the thing, because it is a souvenir

Travel souvenirs often become just junk.

Translated from the French word "souvenir" means that bought "in memory". Answer yourself honestly to the question: do these things really remind you of something? Do you have other souvenirs from this trip or event? If space is critically lacking, leave only what really has value. Give preference to what you can use, and from the next trip, try to bring functional souvenirs: kitchen utensils, coffee or tea, a bag. And yes, do not forget that often photos are enough to save your memories.

5. Want to give your things in very good hands.

As long as you think, to whom to give your old things, their number is growing exponentially.

Often people understand that it is time to part with old things, but they don’t want to give them to anyone. As a result, they have been living with trash in the house for years, hoping that the niece is about to move to an old apartment, where this vintage service will be most welcome.

To find new owners for your belongings, look for a charitable organization whose activities seem particularly important to you. This can be help to the homeless, people with disabilities, single mothers, orphans and so on. Once you have found the addressee, contact the organization to find out if they need your help and how to transfer your belongings.

6. Not sure that you will pay your bills on time if you throw away old checks

Mountains of checks in the house.

People often resort to visualizing tasks in order not to forget what they need to do. For example, leave in a prominent place invoices for payment of services. However, soon such important records and accounts may turn out to be too much, and a visual reminder will only work for the record that turned out to be the highest.

You can remind yourself about payments in other ways, for example, set a monthly notification that will be sent by e-mail. So you get rid of a large number of unnecessary leaves that litter the house.

7. You dream that you are about to lose weight again

Old clothes that you don’t wear.

Old clothes, which have become small, are in the closet for everyone. To accept the fact that the forms are not the same - it is difficult. Having thrown it out, you are afraid to mentally sign your impotence and inability to pull yourself together. Remember that as long as all these things are with you, they will serve as a silent reproach. Give them to charity, and you will feel a surge of new forces that will help start life from scratch.

8. Sure that there is a lot of useful information in old newspapers and magazines.

Older newspapers and magazines are most often useless in the age of the Internet.

Collecting waste paper in the modern world is a thankless task. In the digital age, much can be found on the Internet, and so many newspapers and magazines are printed every day that saving them all won't work. Use online resources like Evernote and Pinterest to save your favorite ideas. It will take a lot of time to sort the printed information and find the information you need. It is much easier and more productive to do it in electronic format.

9. Children's Art - Holy

Consider whether to keep all children's crafts.

Drawing, handicraft or application is, of course, important for any parent. However, consider whether it is worth storing all that your children do, provided that they are doing every day? Try to establish a rule: all the work of your son or daughter should be placed in one special container, as soon as it is full, you throw something away. So you can easily control what is happening, and your house does not turn into a warehouse of unnecessary things.

10. You are ready to get rid of old things, but you lack motivation.

The fight against junk should start immediately.

Specialist of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, Daniel Hommer explains that a person perceives as the most significant goals that he can achieve relatively quickly. If the achievement of a goal is distant, then often it is even difficult to start.

Therefore, the specialist advises to set for your own attainable goals: as soon as you put in order some small part of the apartment or house, immediately think about the decor of this place. So you can not only make room, but also make the house more comfortable.

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