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14 hidden talents of your microwave oven, which you had no idea


Today, each apartment has a microwave. This gadget makes life easier for modern man, while saving a lot of time. In general, people use a microwave to heat food quickly, and in rare cases cook whole dishes with it.

But surely many people do not even realize that a microwave can be used not only for these purposes. We present to your attention 14 life hacking, for which you will need a microwave.

Cook great eggs

No matter which eggs you prefer - hard-boiled or boiled, fried eggs or scrambled eggs - all this can be cooked in the microwave in a few minutes. Some claim that these eggs taste even better cooked on the stove.

Cook Steam Vegetables

You will no longer need a steamer, as it will be successfully replaced by a microwave. You can make a small portion of vegetables by wrapping them in several layers of wet paper towels. Or you can just put the vegetables in a bowl, add water and cover with a plate. The stove heat will shut down.

Peel the garlic

Peeling garlic does not have to be a time consuming task. Heat the garlic clove for 20 seconds and disassemble into slices. As soon as steam destroys the chemical bonds between the husk and the core, you can easily peel the garlic even without the help of a knife.

Dry herbs

Put 4-5 sprigs of grass between two dry paper towels and heat for 2-3 minutes. The leaves will become dry and brittle. This method is even more preferable than traditional hanging or drying in the oven, since with the quick drying more essential oils are preserved, giving the herbs their unique aroma.

Help rise the dough

Homemade pastries are very tasty, but the process of its preparation takes a lot of time. Now you can forget about the painful waiting and save a few hours using a microwave. If according to the recipe, the dough needs to be raised 2-3 times, you can warm it up at very low power (10% of the maximum), knead and set it to rise again. Instead of waiting 45 minutes until the dough rises, you will achieve the same result in 10-15 minutes.

Rid of tears when cutting onions

There is a very simple way to stop crying while cooking onions - put it in the microwave, after cutting off the tips, and warm up for 30 seconds. After this procedure, you will forget about tears. In addition, in the microwave you can cook onions for a sauté or even caramelize it.

Prepare milk foam for coffee

You only need a bank. Pour the milk into it (better to take non-fat) and actively shake until it foams, then put in the microwave for 30 seconds. Heat stabilizes the foam, and it will keep its shape in your cup of coffee longer.

To help get the most out of citrus

Heat lemon for 10 seconds, then let cool for a couple of seconds, cut in half and squeeze. You will get more juice. This method also works with larger fruits, but you need to set the timer for a little longer.

Cook the chips

Dip the thin slices of potatoes in vegetable oil and arrange in a single layer on a plate. Heat in the microwave for 3-5 minutes until they darken, let cool and enjoy.

Peel Tomatoes and Peaches

Dip the thin slices of potatoes in vegetable oil and arrange in a single layer on a plate. Heat in the microwave for 3-5 minutes until they darken, let cool and enjoy.

Dye wool or silk

Your microwave can serve for the implementation of many creative ideas. You can dye wool or silk with food coloring. Mix the colored powder with water, put a skein of wool and reheat for a few minutes. Heat will bind paint particles to the yarn fibers, preventing molting.

Create a soap cloud

This is a simple and fun scientific experiment that does not require much cleaning. Under the influence of electromagnetic radiation, a piece of cream soap will turn into a lush soap cloud that will appeal to both children and adults. After spending 2.5 minutes in the microwave, the soap will begin to grow, making a rustling sound. However, please note that only a cream soap that contains enough air is suitable for the experiment so as not to sink in water.

Unstick stamps from envelopes

If you liked the stamp for your collection, but it is already pasted on the envelope, you can peel it off without causing harm. Just put a few drops of water on the stamp and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, after which it will easily separate from the envelope.

Sterilize the soil

If you are going to use soil from your own garden for planting seeds, it may be necessary to sterilize it to get rid of diseases, insects and weed seeds. Put 1-2 kilograms of soil in a container with a ventilation hole and put in a microwave, baking for 90 seconds per pound. After a similar procedure, the soil is ready for planting.