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Plants in the house: 50 ideas, how unusual it is to place cacti and succulents


The era of flower pots on window sills is complete! Fans of greenery in the house know: there are thousands of ideas on how to place indoor flowers in an apartment is both boring and truly creative. We have already shared with you cool ways of placing indoor plants. And today we will tell you where to put indoor flowers, succulents.

The beauty of succulents is that they accumulate moisture in themselves and do not require such careful care and frequent watering as other plants. Some of them do not even need soil - they get everything they need from the air. That is why succulents are ideal “inhabitants” of office spaces and too sunny southern rooms.

Ideas, how interesting and unusual to place indoor flowers in the apartment, and photos of the best options - in our selection.

Ideas for locating succulent plants

Succulents grow well in sand and rocky soil. Therefore, they look very impressive in pots and boxes of glass. The “puff” of gravel, small stones and sand is the same decorative element as the plant itself.

Bushes of succulents in combination with a piece of an old tree look unusual. A piece of a thick branch or an old semi-worn board is transformed into a stylish pot.

It is only necessary to pre-dry the wood and process the surface to an aesthetic state. And, of course, make a recess in the wood for the flower.

A beautifully and unusually decorated pot is a beautiful and non-broken handmade gift idea for a mom, a teacher, or for a person who appreciates unusual decor.

Dredging in bricks or cement blocks is also suitable for placement of indoor plants. See for yourself: it looks like the victory of nature over the man-made human world.

Cute neat vases are made from ordinary ceramic bowls.

And cups are also a great idea for placing potted flowers. Look at these photos, and don’t throw the cup away anymore just because it is a bit thick, or one of the set remains.

But an understandable master class, how to make a cup from a cup for succulent. The hole below is not so easy to make, it is very important for drainage. If the water stagnates at the bottom, the plant will die.

Pictures or inscriptions from succulents make troublesome, but not difficult. For this you need a piece of metallic garden mesh with cells up to 2 cm. Pebbles for drainage are poured into a box. Over it is a layer of soil. all this is covered with a coarse mesh. And in the cells already shoots of succulents are planted. Allow a few days for the plants to take root, and only then turn the box vertically.

When the picture or letters are set vertically, the soil will be held by the compression of the grid.

Get acquainted: tillandsiya. This plant does not need a pot or soil. She gets everything she needs from the air. The main condition is that the air should be sufficiently humidified. Irrigate tillandia at least once a week.

If you deprive this plant of moisture, it will slow down the growth, turn the leaves and freeze. But it is only necessary to immerse it completely in a container with water, as it comes to life again and continues the life cycle.

Mini-versions of succulents also have the right to life. The smallest of them may be a little larger than the nail. If you put him in a suitable pot, you can wear it on a chain, in the form of a living ornament. Or pin to the dress like a brooch. What is a suitable pot? But take a look.

Want a flower picture? Use the idea and make a strong frame that will support the weight of the pot.

But how to grow succulents without any pots. A lump of earth is wrapped in moss or dry grass, strengthened with twine. It looks very interesting. Typically, these plants are placed in the room, hanging on the filaments to the ceiling.

To beautifully place indoor plants in the house and around, any suitable means will do. Old toys, books, coffee table. Even egg shells.

By the way, the idea with toys is very interesting. This is exactly the type of crafts on which teens can earn. If your teenager, of course, at least a little keen on botany and knows how to propagate and root the shoots of plants.

Toys that have served their own, but have not lost their appearance, is full in any nursery. So why not use them to create such design decisions?

And this way to place indoor plants-succulents - for real aesthetes. The plant lives in ordinary soil, and colored sand is used to fill the decorative tableware. He beautifully peeps through the glass walls. And the drawings can be applied every time new, to suit your mood.