Useful ideas

Useful ways to use food waste


In the world, one third of all foodstuffs produced for human consumption is sent to the landfill every year. Such is the FAO statistics. This problem entails waste of resources - land, water, energy, labor, and finance; it stimulates greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change.

Scientists are confident that if everyone takes notice of this problem, then it will become much easier to solve it on a global scale.

1. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds can be added to hair conditioner to make them silky. A bowl of coffee leaves will relieve the fridge of unpleasant smell.

2. Roots of lettuce and celery

If you put the roots in the water of them will grow a new plant.

3. Sprouted potatoes

You can germinate potatoes from the tubers with eyes. For this tubers need to be planted in the ground or just put in the water.

4. Citrus peel

Citrus peel can be added to cocktails, as well as used against insects and to get rid of unpleasant odors.

5. Cardboard boxes

Milk or juice boxes can be turned into a nesting box, flower pot, or piggy bank.

6. Husk from onions and garlic

Fragrant onion and garlic husk is very nutritious, it can be used for cooking broth.

7. Watermelon peel

Watermelon peels can be salted in a jar, you can make jam from them or wipe their face with them.

8. Celery Leaves

This plant can be added to soups, stews, cocktails, or even used as a side dish.

9. Banana peel

Banana skins can be used as a fertilizer, you can wipe the skin with them to reduce itching. The inner side of the skins can rub silver or even clean shoes.

10. Broccoli Stalks and Leaves

The leaves and stalks of broccoli can be added to salads.

11. Onion stalks

If the small onion roots put in the water from them will grow a new onion.

12. Oil Wrap

There is usually a large amount of oil left on the wrapper, which can be used to lubricate baking molds.

13. Wine corks

Wine corks can be used to grow succulent plants, make them stand, rug or brok.

14. Stems of fodder cabbage

These stems are very rich in fiber, pickled and added to vegetable shakes.

15. Apple skins

Fresh apple peels will help clean the aluminum pots, they are applied to the eyes to reduce dark circles under the eyes. From dried skins, you can make fragrant autumn tea.

16. Almond crumb

Dried almond chips can be ground to a powder and used in baking.

17. Pineapple leaves

If you put the top of a pineapple in the ground you can grow a real pineapple.

18. Filters from coffee makers

Dry filters can be used as mutating wipes or as tracing paper for baking cupcakes.

19. Eggshell

Egg shells need to grind and mix it with the ground for indoor plants to enrich the earth with calcium.

20. Grids from vegetables and fruits

They can be used as gift wrapping, as a bag for children’s toys or as a homemade laundry basket.