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Hammock in the interior: create a relaxation zone in the apartment


Hammock, as a rule, can be seen in the garden, on the terrace or in the shady garden.

However, the designers claim that it can even be located in the house or in the apartment. This will not only create an original interior, but also create a relaxation zone at home.

1. Hammock in the interior

In the nursery

2. Hammock in the interior of the children's room

In the children's room hammock is quite appropriate. Children love the swing, and sometimes they need solitude. Being in a hammock gives a sense of security and peace. You need to hang it up so that it does not interfere with the free movement around the room. The mount must be secure so that the child does not get hurt. In the hammock area, it is desirable to arrange a soft mat, if the child accidentally falls, the blow will not be painful.

3. Hammock in the nursery

4. Children love hammocks

In the bedroom

5. Hammock in the bedroom

In a hammock, not only children will like it. You can install it in the bedroom by the window to enjoy a good view, read your favorite book or dive into the world of good thoughts. By the way, scientists have noticed that sleeping in a hammock is more healthy for a person than on a bed, as it allows you to completely relax your muscles. So sometimes it is even useful to take a nap or two on the hammock.

6. Sleeping in a hammock is considered useful.

In the living room

If the apartment has a spacious living room, then you can arrange a hammock right in this room. This will help create a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere. This is especially true for those who for some reason can not leave the city while on vacation. Hammock, favorite book, a glass of exotic cocktail - the atmosphere of the resort is provided.

As for the colors, everything here is completely dependent on the preferences and style of the room. Today, hammocks have even in lofts and strict modern interiors, although it would seem that such an object is more appropriate in the style of boho or in the Mediterranean interior.

7. Hammock in the living room

8. Hammock in the interior of the apartment

9. Hammock in a modern interior

10. Summer option for giving

Home office and library

Today, a hammock can be found even in home offices and libraries. It is nice to get an interesting novel in it or just to take a break from work and problems. In such rooms models of laconic design, without an excessive decor will be pertinent.

11. Hammock in the interior of the home library

12. Hammock in the interior of the home office

On the balcony and in the winter garden

Where the hammock is most often placed is on the balcony. Here for him and there is a place, and you can sunbathe, and watch what is happening outside the window. There will be by the way models in Hawaiian and nautical style, with fringe and bright colors.

13. Hammock on the balcony

14. Rainbow hammock in the interior of the balcony

Hammock is good in the winter garden, where you can enjoy your time surrounded by your favorite plants.

15. Relaxation area

16. Have a nice time here.

17. Hammock allows you to completely relax