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10 ways to win "problem" places in the bathroom, for those who are a little obsessed with cleanliness

For some reason, it is in the bathroom that the dirtiest places in the house are often hidden. Apparently, no one should think about them. But if you seriously thought up to give mold, bloom and other unpleasant things repulse, then arm yourself with tips from this list. They will help to bring such cleanliness in the bathroom that not one microbe can stand it.

Sooner or later the same minor troubles happen to any bathroom. After all, constant humidity and insufficient ventilation are fertile ground for mold and rust, and our hard water is for plaque.

But to bring cleanliness in the "cleanest" place is not so difficult. The main thing is not to forget about regular cleaning and tips from this list. Here's what to do if:

1. Mold appears on the shower curtain.

How to wash the shower curtain.

Probably the most common nuisance in the bathroom. In order not to wriggle in disgust in the shower all the time and try our best not to touch the shutter, clean it every 10 days. To do this, add half a glass of household bleach to a bucket of warm water and soak the curtain for a few minutes. Be sure to use protective gloves. Wring out the curtain, rinse, dry, and it will be again, like new.

2.Spring from soap on the mixer almost never washed

So that the tap always shines.

Plaque is easier to prevent than to cure. To do this, after the next standard cleaning, wipe the mixer dry with a towel, and after waxed paper (cooking parchment). Wax forms on plumbing film that will repel moisture and stains. But the procedure must be repeated at least once a week.

3. The walls of the shower stall do not look the best.

Polish for a clean shower stall without raid.

Plaque from shampoo gels, hard water, or even just dirt is a frequent “decoration” of shower cubicles. As in the case of the mixer, it is better to focus on prevention. After cleaning, polish the walls with furniture polish or even body cosmetic oil. Leave for two minutes: this is enough for the product to form a thin silicone film on the surface that does not let moisture through. Dry the residue with a soft cloth. By the way, the same trick will not allow the mirror and glass surfaces to fog up.

4. The shower curtain "seizes"

Parchment will help from the "jammed" curtain.

Wipe the eaves with wax paper and the curtain will move again quickly and without problems.

5. Towels in the bathroom smell unpleasant

If the towels "smack."

Most likely, the problem is that the towels do not dry out completely and bacteria multiply in them. There is nothing dangerous about it, but so that the smell doesn’t bother you, stop washing your air-conditioned towels. It creates a film on the fibers, which does not allow moisture to evaporate, but in the end the towels remain a little wet all the time. And never hang two or more on one hook.

6. Have you noticed mold between the tiles in the bathroom

Without a toothbrush can not cope.

There will have to work with a brush. Moreover, dental. Dip it in household bleach and process the gaps between the tiles.

7. Plain on the shower head does not wash

The raid will leave without your efforts.

There is an elementary way to clean the head without any effort at all. You will need a plastic bag and this one is simple. instruction.

8. Under the rim of the toilet bowl settled rust.

If the toilet is attacked by rust.

Mix soda with vinegar in the ratio of 1 to 2, rub the paste with rust with a hard brush or a clean brush. Leave for a couple of minutes, rinse with water and wipe dry.

9. The toilet is clogged

How to clean the clogged toilet without plunger.

If there is no special tool at hand to clean the pipes or even a banal plunger, there is a solution.

10. You have not changed the washcloth

The washcloth needs to be changed more often than you think.