Useful ideas

20 rational ideas for storing things so that they do not have eyesore every day


Perhaps everyone wants the perfect order to reign in the house, and everything lay in their places. But what if the square meters do not allow to "roam", it would not be superfluous to think about rational storage systems.

This material presents 20 practical ideas of storing things, so that they do not callous eyes of the owners.

1. Foil and parchment paper stand

You will need to attach a paper support to the door and you're done.

2. Sponge box

Convenient and hidden box for sponges useful in the household necessarily.

3. Sliding built-in shelf with mixer

This shelf is good because you don’t have to, as usual, get the mixer, assemble it, then disassemble and fold it again.

4. Drawer with ironing board

Thus, the board is at hand, and space in the house will save.

5. Boxes for vegetables and other things.

An interesting idea is not to clutter up the house with vegetables, etc. Built-in baskets in the drawers in the kitchen are much more convenient and always at hand. Bread can be stored in a box with an airtight lid.

6. Hooks for kitchen utensils

Hooks for measuring spoons or other utensils can be attached to the inside of the cabinet door.

7. Shelf for bathroom sink

If you don’t have a large sink and you don’t have bathroom accessories, then this shelf is made just for you.

8. Multifunctional toilet box

Small in appearance, but a roomy drawer with sliding shelves for the toilet where space is not too much.

9. Wall shelf

Not to stand accessories for the toilet in sight, make a built-in closing shelf in the wall near the toilet.

10. Retractable shelves with baskets

Laundry baskets will no longer stand in the bedroom or bathroom, convenient built-in retractable laundry baskets, in the kitchen drawers.

11. Sleeper for favorite pets

If the dog likes to sleep next to you, make a separate bed for your beloved pet near you.

12. Padded stool for shoe storage

Practical and convenient thing. Always on hand, if you decide to shod something else, do not have to go far.

13. Place for jewelry

No caskets, etc. The built-in shelf behind the jewelry jewelry is very convenient and practical for women.

14. Stand for belts and other accessories

A paper towel holder can serve as a belt holder and you don’t need to search for the right belt in the closet.

15. Shelves for shoes

The idea is just chic. Each pair on a separate shelf, easy to take and everything in sight.

16. Dresser with things for every day of the week for children

This idea is more suitable for children. In each box, fold the clothes for each day, for the whole week, and in the mornings you don’t have to run around looking for something to wear.

17. Printer drawer

If you have a minimum of space in the house and the printer is not where to put it, then there will be room for it in the dresser.

18. Horizontal bike storage

Such storage will be very convenient and practical.

19. Garage for children's machines

Great idea to create a separate garage for children's cars, and will not interfere under your feet.

20. Magnetic tape for metal products

Comfortable thing. Attaching it to the wall will not be difficult.