Useful ideas

A pair of square meters, or practical advice on how to transform a balcony


In most cases, the balcony is the place where unnecessary things, preservation and other rubbish are often put, with which it is a pity to leave. As a result, several square meters turn into a junk warehouse, among which there is no turning around.

Therefore, instead of storing something that is unlikely to come in handy in the next ten years, take care of arranging the space, which, thanks to the advice and creative ideas, can be turned not only into a recreation area and office, but also into a bedroom-balcony.

1. Design ideas for a balcony or loggia

An old folding chair, a barrel, imitating a table, flower pots, a favorite blanket is ideal for decorating a balcony.

Practical, stylish, comfortable.

The interior of a modern balcony should be stylish, ergonomic, functional, comfortable, aesthetic.

2. Combination with room

In small apartments, many owners combine a room and a balcony.

Pros: expansion of space and original design.

Together with the advantages, there are also disadvantages. Before embarking on redevelopment, everything should be properly considered and calculated costs.

3. Balcony-bedroom

In summer, it is always pleasant to sleep in the fresh air. For this purpose, a balcony in the apartment is the best place.

If space permits, there can be placed a single bed and shelves of books.

4. Office

A small space allows you to place a small table and a computer on the balcony. Above the table set the shelves.

You should also conduct wiring to the balcony so that you can sit at work and in the dark.

5. Children's corner

In this case, the balcony should be safe and secure, comfortable and cozy. Therefore, the balcony must be insulated and glazed.

Toys, drawing boards, books, sports equipment, clothing. Now it all fits easily.

6. Design a balcony with a kitchen

In the spacious square will fit not only a working area, but also a small table for a snack or a romantic dinner for two.

The working zone can be completely removed for additional footage. This will save the apartment from the abundance of odors that invariably accompany the process of cooking.

7. French style

This style does not tolerate bright colors. For the decoration of the balcony should be used only natural materials: wood and stone.

From furniture it is recommended to use small items: a sofa, chairs or wicker chairs. Mandatory attribute - fresh flowers.

8. Mediterranean

This style suits the romantic and dreamy nature. The colors are only light, the furniture is light and small in size.

9. High tech style

Characterized by a minimum amount of glass or metal furniture, LEDs, as well as silver or black design.

10. Country style

The interior of the balcony consists of the decoration of the walls with wood.

Old-fashioned furniture, fabric curtains, antique decor are welcome.